Sunny groundhog days…

I seriously cannot remember a time in my life when I’ve felt quite so lazy. It’s easy to blame the current situation, and I kind of do, but what’s a little troubling is the less I do, the less I want to do, if that makes sense.

There are quite a few writing projects I want to get on with, but the gloriously sunny and warm weather we’ve been having here in the UK keeps beckoning me outside into the garden. Of course, there’s no real excuse, because I could write while sunning myself but 20200524_163458there are too many distractions out there, not the least being a certain little lady who likes the attention and keeps me entertained with her antics. In the photo, I’d just scolded her for repeatedly ‘stealing’ a tiny stone bird ornament from one of the plant pots and attempting to nibble its head off…as you can see she takes a whole lot of notice of me. Talk about couldn’t care less šŸ™‚

And speaking of birds, there are a whole bunch of them that have slowly returned to the garden now that Vivvy isn’t interested in chasing them anymore. There’s a big, fat pigeon (I really do think it’s the same one) who calls into our garden every morning to cool off in the birdbath. He stays around for a while surveying the space, casting his evil eye on the smaller birds if they even so much as glance his way. 20200509_100344He’s very tame and doesn’t attempt to move or fly away when I hang out my washing nearby or walk closer to smell the nearby roses. He’s quite a character. AJ has told me not to name him or I’ll get sad when he decides to no longer visit.

So, all in all, I’m enjoying this downtime and just hoping that I’ll get the urge to do some work sooner rather than later. But today the sun is shining so I’m heading into the garden for another lazy day.

Stay safe and well everyone!




6 responses to “Sunny groundhog days…

  1. Vivvy looks supremely content, and maybe supremely spoiled. šŸ™‚ And that pidgeon is plump! I’m glad you have the garden to enjoy. Right now, these simple pleasures are what is getting us through. Everything else will happen in it’s own time.

  2. We all need to take a page out of Vivvy’s outlook on life. She enjoys every minute. The best thing that could have happened for her was to flunk schooling so she could be a spoiled lady of leisure. I tell myself I’m not lazy I’m just finally getting the knack of retirement.

    Enjoy the weather and Vivvy. Oh and keep the pictures coming I really love seeing her happiness

  3. I think Vivvy knew exactly what she was doing when she failed her assessment šŸ™‚ Yes, I sometimes think we should do a course on how to retire and how to successfully switch off!

  4. I love Vivvy and her sassy self. She’s adorable. And I love that you have a semi-permanent bather in your birdbath. A welcome respite for the little critter. Enjoy the sunshine! Jillian

  5. Vivvy’s got it right. Enjoy life and enjoy every moment. And enjoy every minute of the glorious weather we’re having. I think it was time the world slowed down and re-evalued what was important in life. Now, if only we could get our writing mojos back – perhaps once the weather turns and we can’t get out to enjoy the gardens, the flowers, the sun and the birds, it’ll come back. šŸ™‚

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