Another Day

I’m late with the blog this month. No excuse. I just forgot. It for sure isn’t because I’m busy.

I just looked at an old calendar where most of the days were filled with notes and todo’s. Seeing it beside this month made me realize just how much life has slowed down. We are entering phase 2 of the shut down and things have been changing so even though the calendar for May has more blank spaces than any May in my history, it is nothing like April’s.

I’m a major list maker. I often laugh at myself saying I make lists to keep track of my lists. Hey, no kidding. I sometimes do. Now for the first time I really don’t need lists or maybe I’m just not motivated enough to care.

With things returning to normal, even though it’s a modified normal, I need to get my act together. Forgetting what day it is, has to be a temporary thing. Taking days to clean the house because I can . . . ummm maybe I’ll let that one stay.

Soon we’ll be saying where did the day, week, month go to again. We’ll be moaning that we never have enough time and I’ll again need lists to manage my time.  Already May seems to have flown by. Well, maybe not exactly flown, but it sure went by faster than March and April.  We’ve all heard that if you want a job done, give it to a busy person. That’s why I’m not getting much done, I guess.

On the flip side the garden is doing really good. I’m especially enjoying the lilacs this year. Another favorite is the snowball bush.






8 responses to “Another Day

  1. Your flowers are beautiful! And gardens are one of our few joys right now, so I’m glad yours is thriving. Hubby’s got his vegetable garden planted now and soon we should have some lettuce. Soooo much nicer than store-bought.

  2. Yes, fresh garden greens are better. I planted some tomato plants but that’s it other than flowers. Love being outside. It’s the Northwest at it’s best this time of year.

  3. Those flowers look gorgeous! I was only thinking today about that saying ‘ask a busy person…’ I am starting to see why. Motivation is non-existent at the moment, except when it comes to being in the garden…

  4. Jack was the gardener but I always feel better when I do get out in it. Yesterday I used roundup on some weeds and really soaked the tomato and roses in prep for a warmer day today.

  5. I love the flowers. Your yard was gorgeous when I saw it- you have a gift with plants. Hope you get to make lists and lists soon of all the activities coming back to your life (safely, of course). Jillian

  6. Thank you Jillian. Jack was always the gardener in the family. For me it’s more luck than anything.

  7. Beautiful lilacs, Lavada. Wish I had space in the garden for one. I think we’re all suffering from lockdown syndrome at the moment. That “it can wait until tomorrow” or “what day is it?” moment. The only list I normally write is my shopping list but even that has fallen by the wayside lately. But slowly, things are getting back to normal. Just not sure I want the same normal as before as we’re so enjoying ourselves at home. 🙂

  8. I saw a tree last week that I wish I had room for. It is a Chinese Dogwood. The flowers are as big as my hand. I’m going to look for one at the nursery maybe plant it at the kid’s they have a lot of room.

    I love lilacs and the mock orange is blooming now so loving the yard.

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