Staying at Home

I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are.

Washington is still on a stay-at-home order until May 31. I’ve pretty much be on a stay-at-home since March 6th. The only trips I make out are pretty much essential – groceries, bank, prescriptions, pick up food. I say pretty essential because I do take a drive once a week, just enough to keep the car battery charged and get the SUV moving. I don’t get out of the car, I just drive for a little bit. It helps me feel a little more in control.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep busy. The writing isn’t going so well, which I know is for a lot of writers. I thought it was because of the virus and my own stress, but finally realize it was the book that wasn’t working. Thanks to brainstorming with Laurie (thank you, Laurie), she helped me figure out what changes to make.

While I’ve set the book aside to let the new plot line untangle itself in my head, I’ve been working on galleys for my book Risky Proposal from The Wild Rose Press and starting in on edits to the second book in the Wicked Sanctuary series.

This last weekend it got hot in Western Washington – thankfully its going to cool down already. I don’t mind warm weather but anything over 80 gets to me.

I’m sharing pictures of course and that includes a Penny picture. With the warm weather I can see her sitting outside enjoying the heck out of it. And on a side note – I am looking at getting a new puppy. It will just take some time as I need a low shed, to no shed dog due to allergies. I’m watching the rescues to see what comes in.

This picture I took one night a few weeks ago – the sky with the clouds was so different and beautiful


And here is Miss Penny outside:


Have a great day, everyone.

4 responses to “Staying at Home

  1. That sky is gorgeous. And oh, how we all miss seeing Penny, so thank you for the picture. I know she’s still in your heart, in all our hearts. Stay safe, stay healthy!

  2. Beautiful picture of the sky. And, seeing Penny. Laurie is right she will always live in you heart.

  3. Love the photos! That’s a beautiful one of Penny. As Laurie says, she will stay in all our hearts.

  4. Fabulous sky! And the lovely Penny. Always with us. But so thrilling to hear you are getting a new puppy. Look forward to seeing lots of pictures. Take care and stay safe. x

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