April – Spring/Summer – Maybe

Sorry I missed a few months. After January, life got a little more crazy. I had edits and more edits. Learning new programs, and trying to get a book uploaded for presale. I was trying to keep my brain occupied. Of course that was before the virus exploded.

I hope everyone is doing well in this time of Covid-19. I’ve been pretty much on home lock down since the beginning of March. With the rise of the virus, my brain became overloaded and I really couldn’t do much of anything for a couple of weeks.

Now, I’m slowly coming out of it and getting back to writing and reading. But life has changed.

I do have a book release this month. I’m very excited about it. Its a brand new series I’m doing and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I miss my little Penny every day. Some days are harder than others, and while I know she happy, healthy and playing like crazy, I wish she was still here with me. In a crazy sort of way, looking at rescue dogs has been helping me not miss her so much. I’m not planning on adopting just yet, but something tells me it’s going to happen sooner rather than later, but who knows.

I did find one rescue that I really wanted, but he was in Alabama so that put him out of the picture. They do do out of state adoptions, but there’s no way I could travel to get him. And he’s such a cutie, I know he’ll be snatched up right away.

In keeping with my normal post, here’s an older picture of Penny. This is one from when she was a the dog hotel in day camp. I finally let them know that Penny has passed. They were all so kind on the Facebook page and told me stories I didn’t even know.

10-5-19 camp 72288013_10157970863739589_2970990652881371136_n (1)

Everyone be safe out there.

4 responses to “April – Spring/Summer – Maybe

  1. Penny was such a huge part of your life, and such a sweetie-pie. Cute as a button, too. I know you miss her. Thank goodness for all those wonderful memories. Congrats on kicking off the new series. Wishing you loads of sales. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  2. Thank you for sharing Penny’s picture. A lot of us know how hard it is for you and are thinking of you.

    It’s good to hear you getting back to writing and that you have a new release coming out. Wishing you mega sales.

    Happy Easter

  3. It’s funny how this virus seems to have affected many of us at the start by creating a wave of despondency and lack of motivation. I’ve found it so difficult to get going again, but slowly it’s coming back now summer is on it’s way and the days are longer. You must really feel it with Penny not being there with you but you have some lovely memories and photos to look back over. Life changes, moves on, new doors open and every time we come out stronger. Braver. Glad you are writing and wishing you lots of sales. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your new release this month, Marie. And glad that things have calmed down a little for you. And what a lovely photo of your Penny. It’s so lovely that you have wonderful memories of her and what a blessing to discover new things about her that you didn’t even know to add to those amazing memories you have to always treasure. Big hugs.

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