Grand Dog

9227D88A-E63B-4BE0-AE55-11B404E85CB5There are Grand Kids and Grand Dogs sometimes the puppies are easier to babysit.   Hoss (Skansen’s Hauser Van Schnauzer) is 12 this year and quite the gentleman. Or at least he is until someone comes to visit. Hoss is convinced that people come to visit him. And, he is HAPPY. He gets so excited he wiggles all over and with his size there isn’t an area rug that stays put. The path to the door looks like a tornado. At least he doesn’t have a tail so that’s one weapon not at his disposal

I took care of him last month and what a clown. He takes up his share of the couch and if you get up he will steal your spot. He also gets to the bed first and then guards it. Not in a bad way it’s almost like he’s laughing at you. The first night just as I started to get in bed he booted me with his nose and over I went.  But, he’s extremely smart and when I say “enough, you get on your side” he does. And, lays right down.0239B93F-C536-4F03-841D-B12EC5DE96A8

He’s perfect for me as he’s not a morning guy. So far I’ve been the first to wake up. I know these giants aren’t for everyone but their hearts are big and full of love. He leaves a big hole when he goes home. I’m going to have him next week and I’m looking forward to it.





8 responses to “Grand Dog

  1. What a hoot that boy is. And such a cutie! I The idea that he nudged you off the bed cracked me up (as long as you weren’t hurt.) 🙂

  2. No, I just sort of toppled back off the bed. I’m going to have him for a few days next week. He’s such a big clown.

  3. Oh, look at that big, beautiful boy.He sounds like a whole load of fun. I can’t believe he’s 12! Happy to hear he’s not a morning person, so at least you can get yourself sorted before he makes an appearance. Enjoy your lovely boy.

    • I just realized that I have his age wrong. He was born in 2012 so he’s actually 8. For this size dog that’s older than if he were smaller but they take really good care of him and he’s healthy. They are on their way home so I won’t have him much longer. I miss him when he goes home.

  4. I think I love this dog! So much personality. I love animals who make us laugh. He looks sweet. mischievous, but cute. Jillilan

  5. Thanks Jillian. He’s a BIG baby. I sure miss him when he goes home.

  6. He’s gorgeous. Best the house is so quiet after he’s gone home. Dogs are such special friends.

  7. He has a really loving temperament and loves people.

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