Late, Tired, Frustrated and Needing a Nap

Jillian here – late yet again. It’s becoming a habit for me, it seems. I’ve had a great couple of months but it’s wearing me out. I made the trip to Birmingham, Alabama which is about 4 hours from me. Two weeks later, I was on the road again. Drove 2 hours to my niece’s house and then the next day, we rode 3.5 hours each way to Atlanta and back for the bridal gown quest. At least I got to be a passenger for that trip.  We had a blast and she picked a lovely gown.

The next day, I drove 2 hours to Tallahassee for court and then the day after that, 3 hours home.

Two weeks later, I headed to Orlando for a conference and to see that grandson of mine (and the son and DIL- which was a great thing)-  it’s a 7 hour drive each way. I got home on the 8th at 8:15 p.m. and knew the 9th was my day, but had zero energy to post.

Then, on the actual 9th, I had the chaos at the office from being out since the afternoon of the 4th. Lots of work to catch up on and no time really even to take a lunch break. Too tired when I got home to even look at the computer again.

Today, I had court until 11:00 and planned to finish all the things I needed to do from yesterday as well as all the work my court time made for me. BUT I was thwarted. I have a position with an agency and the computers I use for that work are provided by a vendor. They have updated us from Windows 7 to Windows 10. They were supposed to come tomorrow, but guess what? They showed up today as I got out of the car from court.

I have not had access to a computer all day until here at 3:45 p.m.  FUN times. HA! *whine, whine*

So, I am tired of driving, worn out with the time change, frustrated about not getting my work done and ready to go home. How was your month?  🙂




7 responses to “Late, Tired, Frustrated and Needing a Nap

  1. I saw a picture of your grandson on Facebook. He is soooo stinkin’ adorable! He kind of makes all the craziness of the last couple weeks worth it, right? I’m smiling just thinking about it.

    • Thanks. He is super cute. I was going to share one on this post, but with the new computer, I have no photos moved over yet. And too dead to deal with it. Lol. And yes, the trip was worth it to spend time with him. He’s so sweet.


  2. We’ll look forward to future grandson posts. They grow so fast.
    What a month and it isn’t even half over. You know what they say, “What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.” Okay, I know that wasn’t much help lol. Spring is right around the corner. Maybe that will help at least a little.

    • LOL! After this week, I am so strong, I could lift a cruise ship. I was happy to get to spend time with the grandson, but man! What a drive … and then the time change and working all week. I’ve been counting the minutes until I could sleep in on Saturday. LOL I am parking my rear for the whole weekend other than having lunch at my parents’ on Sunday.

  3. Wow, Jillian. Your post made my head spin, LOL. That was some schedule. Hoping for calmer times for you.

  4. Sounds like you need some downtime for sure. I’m exhausted just reading your post, don’t know how you do it but full kudos to you. Now, put your feet up for a while and relax and think of that gorgeous grandson.

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