Painting is a Great Meditation Tool

So, I’m going to start off by saying I’m not an artist. Well, that’s not completely accurate. I do have artistic abilities, but they lean toward either the written word or taking already designed shapes and putting them together, like with scrap-booking. But I know my limitations and free-form art is one of them.

I have wanted to take a little hiatus from writing, but I don’t like a lot of empty spaces in my life. So I took on an art project. A free-form art project. Painting. Unusual for me and not where my talents lie. But I have to admit, it’s been fun. I’ll never be as good as our own Kit Domino (check out her amazing artwork here) is, but I understand the draw. As frustrating as it is, trying to get a paintbrush to move in the direction I want it to without making a bunch of squiggly lines, I can get lost in the minutia of painting. I forget my problems, my worries, and, in one case, even my schedule. Oops.

It’s fun. It’s mesmerizing, mixing paints to get just the right hue, seeing a picture come together in layers.

Now that the introduction is over, I guess it’s time to show what I’ve been telling you about. It started when I bought this sign for beside our front door:


It came with three rather cheesy wreaths that I didn’t care for. At winter cabin this year, my family and I all painted rocks and pieces of wood. So I thought maybe I could do something on wood for each month of the year.

I had to get hubby involved at that point. He cut and sanded the wood pieces for me. Then I hit the internet for inspiration, coming up with a game plan for each month. And bought brushes and acrylics. (Note to self: next time, buy quality, not starter kits.)

Here’s my start at the first three months of the year:


Here’s January completed, except for protective spray and adding string:

And everything I’ve gotten done so far:


August is almost done. I’ve worked on some layers for September and October, but haven’t yet started November and December. My plan is to be finished by the end of March, so hopefully, in April, I can show you the full set.

Twelve months of painted wood chips. Two months of a very zen-like down-time as I painted them. And a happier attitude as we open our doors to spring in a couple weeks.

So, Kit Domino? I get it. Completely. I don’t ever plan to paint at your level, but I see why it makes you sooo happy to do so. Keep it up. The world needs more beauty.

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11 responses to “Painting is a Great Meditation Tool

  1. What a wonderful idea! I love it!

  2. I love them. And, you do have artistic talent. Look what you do with computer graphics. I have been so impressed as I’ve watched you develop that talent from the first website design. This is a talent that grows and brings so much beauty into our world and we can never have to much.

    • Manipulating digital images doesn’t feel as difficult (to me) as picking up a paintbrush. I redid May 3 times because I couldn’t follow a fairly simple design. Finally had to completely simplify it so I could paint it. Lol.

  3. I absolutely love this idea, Laurie. What a fun project! I can understand how easy it must be get lost in the activity, but what a great way to spend time. Looking forward to seeing them all when you’ve finished.

  4. I love it. You did a beautiful job. Very clever to add those instead of the wreath. Jillian

  5. Love what you’ve created, Laurie, and such a great idea. Painting can be so relaxing, but at times frustrating when something doesn’t come right, as it does in writing, but the main thing is that you enjoy it. I’ve been thinking of painting a few stones too lately, when I find the right ones. Keep up the brilliant work. And thank you for such kind words and the plug!

  6. These are very simple and basic and beginner compared to your amazing talent, Kit. But it’s cathartic and more fun than I expected it to be. 🙂

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