It’s That Time of Year Again.

Another year, another family cabin. This one, our 17th, was just as much fun as any of them, even if we were shy 4 of our family members. We still had 17. Yikes. When did my family get so big? From an aging perspective, it’s wonderful to see everyone thriving and the family growth. Sometimes, it’s a little daunting, too. We started all that? 🙂

One of the fun things I do to prepare for our 3 night adventure in the snow is to add pictures to the digital frame. I raid everyone’s FB pages and my own pictures and there are now over 1500 pics on the frame. Baby pics to current. We always set it on the kitchen counter at the cabin and it becomes the focal point of the weekend. People stand around chatting and oohing and oh-no’ing as their lives are encapsulated within the frame. We love it.

Anyhow, thought you’d like to see a few pics…

Wildlife… (deer and wild turkeys)

We do a jigsaw puzzle, bake cookies, play games…

The kids LOVE the half-court gym where we stay…

And the snow…

We have Christmas (finally)…


And we paint wood and rocks. This, by the way, has become one of the highlights of our weekend. (And I hope to do a March blog inspired by this.)


And through all this, we talk. Catch up. Reconfirm how strong this family is and how much we love each other. It’s…awe-inspiring to be part of it all. I am so lucky to have the family we have.

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I hope each and every one of you have special memories to bring a smile to your face.

And an early Happy Valentine’s Day!

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9 responses to “It’s That Time of Year Again.

  1. Another beautiful year. Love the pictures and that house (cabin) is something else. So glad the road was clear to get over there.

  2. I always love the post of your annual family time. So much love and fun you all share! And 1500 pics! that was a massive undertaking, I love it. The rocks are awesome. There was a kick about that here a few years ago, but it seems to have waned. It’s a very neat thing and your family doing it makes me smile. I’m happy you have such a big, loving clan! You and Mark deserve lots of love. Jillian

  3. Love the photos, Laurie! But my goodness how fast your annual family break comes around! You are SO fortunate to have a big, loving family and one that wants to spend time together and talk.

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  5. Fabulous and such lovely photos. A fortunate family indeed.

  6. Thank you. We love doing this, and so do the kids and grandkids, thank goodness.

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