Happy New Year – well sort of

I want to say Happy New Year to everyone.

Since I don’t know who follows me on Facebook or Twitter I wanted to let you all know.

Penny crossed the rainbow bridge on the 6th.

As you know from last months blog, she was having some issues. She had pulmonary hypertension. She was put on medication, after a week I took her back to the cardiologist and everything was looking good. Saw the x-rays, the areas of concern were clearing up and the prognosis was good. Very happy about all of that.

Penny was having really bad separation anxiety and I was dealing with it. We made it through Christmas and then New Years. Sat Jan 3rd, her breathing started going off again and she almost fainted again. So off to the emergency vet we went.

They put her on oxygen and checked her all out. It seem like to them that her bronchials were the issue, they were straining. So they stared her on steroids and a cough suppressant. They kept her overnight and I got her home late Sunday night.

Penny seemed to be good the next morning, it wasn’t until the afternoon I noticed her breathing was off again. I had a feeling this wasn’t good. I called my niece who dropped everything for me to drive me to the emergency vet. I knew I couldn’t drive.

They took Penny back and then came and talked to me. Penny wasn’t even stable, the ER vet told me it looked like the left side of her heart was starting to fail. She gave me some time with my niece to talk things over.

I knew what I had to do, but coming to terms with it was another thing. When the vet came back she told me Penny was doing better and they could do x-rays to see how bad the left side of her heart was, and at that point we could try more medication, but medically managing it didn’t seem to be work.

I told her no. At this point, I didn’t want to see Penny suffering anymore and made the decision.

They brought Penny to me and I stayed with her until the end. She knew she was loved as she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Now, I said crossed, when in my head she ran over that rainbow bridge and said “the queen has arrived.” That was Penny. A tiny packing with a bit heart and personality.

Life isn’t the same without her, but I know she’s watching me and telling me that she’s still my muse and still close to me.

I’m sorry if this made anyone cry or feel bad. But you deserved to know, since she was the unofficial mascot of the blog.

Here is a picture of Penny that I will always hold dear in my heart.

12-9-19 Penny

6 responses to “Happy New Year – well sort of

  1. i love that picture, Marie. And my heart hurts for your loss. It’s not easy, losing a beloved family member. She was such a bouncy fluff of love and totally devoted to you. Hang in there and hold onto those heart-filling memories of love and cuddles.

  2. Oh, Marie, I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear your sad news. It is the very worst part of loving a pet. You had some wonderful times together and many lovely memories to hold close. Big hugs to you. X

  3. I am so, so, sorry, Marie, to hear of this sad news. She was loved by all of us and will be truly missed by us all. It is hard losing a much loved family member but hang in there and remember all those lovely memories you two had together. Sending a huge hug. xx

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