Settling Back Into Normal…

It was a much more involved season of celebrations for us this year. Our daughter was in town over Thanksgiving and we had two 12-13 people dinners in one week at our house.77093080_10219437166033533_3462719633239310336_n

Then Christmas came, with my sister in town and the usual family brunch at my brother and sister-in-law’s. Only around 30 this year, I think, but still respectable. And we were in total food prep on Christmas Eve getting ready. I do have to say that I was finally happy with our little pencil tree this year. Adding ribbons and tinsel made it look so much better!


After that, my husband, whose birthday is the 29th, had a banner birthday. So of course that meant another party. And another 30 people. Boy, was our house crowded! I have a good friend who really, really wanted us to get a group picture, but we were spread out between 3 rooms and I just couldn’t figure out how to do it, though we DID manage to sing him happy birthday!


By the time that party was done, I was done. I love my family and friends and am soooo grateful for each and every one of them, but I was pooped, even with all the help we got! It took us 3 days to put our house back to normal and get it cleaned. I don’t mind that. The puttering gives me a good chance to reflect on the joys. Still, it’s going to be a while before I act as host for another party.

So now we’re in a new year and a new decade. It’s the time of goals and reflection. On the past, the present, and what we want out of our futures. This is the time of year when I remind myself of the person I want to be and try to act on that commitment. I want to be kind. I want to be inclusive. And I think I’m both of those things, but I’ve recently learned that I may have a ways to go. I tend to sweep things under the rug instead of addressing them and I’m working on that. 🙂 Positive change means growth, and that’s good for all of us.

Last year, I published five new stories. Wow. That’s a first for me. This year, I’m committing to three new releases. Still a stretch for me, but I think I can do it. But, that means I’d better close this rambling blog out and get my words in for today.

Whether you do goals, reflect, of just dive into the new year, I hope it was a happy start for all of you!

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8 responses to “Settling Back Into Normal…

  1. 2019 was a busy one for you. So much fun and memory making. I’ve loved everyone of the stories you released this year and I’m looking forward to the new series in the works.

    And regarding your being kind and considerate … you don’t have to ‘think’ you are. I can assure you that you are amazing in those traits and more. I value our friendship more than I can ever tell you.

    Wishing you the very best 2020 ever!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Mark! Sounds like you had the festive season of festive seasons- so much love and so much happy with your family and friends. I am so glad you have all that bounty in your lives– and happy to be part of it!! AND You are kind. One of the kindest people I know. I am blessed to call you friend. Jillian

  3. Ahhh, thank you. I feel the same way about you, my friend. 🙂 And I’ll pass your Happy Birthday along!

  4. Crikey, Laurie. I’m exhausted just reading about your gatherings! It sounds like you had a wonderful time surrounded by so much love. And I second (or third) the sentiment that you are most definitely one of the kindest people I know, and you’re certainly inclusive. So, goal achieved, my friend!

    • Ahh, thank you, Faye. It was exhausting, but you’re right. It was also a lot of fun. Now things are settling down for 2020, and, for me, shaping up to have more travel in it. I’m excited about that!

  5. Wow, so many people, so much love, so much food, so much to celebrate and oh so much fun! Am sure you must have needed a long rest after all that. And as for your goal – already achieved, my friend. Enjoy every moment of 2020. 🙂

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