Merry Christmas

For years we sent Christmas cards out and in almost every one included a hand written note. Later, when we got our first home computer, we changed to sending Christmas letters in the cards. Now with social media making communication a part of our days I’ve discontinued using the postal service.  But everything has a flip side and having the annual letters was like keeping a condensed journal of the year. I’ve enjoyed looking back at those letters that are still digitally stored.

Here in Jubilee they are starting a memoir writing class and I’m thinking maybe I need to write a condensed journal of our life.  It’s been a great one, full of love and family. We may take a breath and count our blessings on Thanksgiving but for me it’s the Christmas season that wakes me up to all I have to be thankful for.

Kids, grandkids, and now great grands make me happy and as I get older and the year fly’s by faster I value each precious minute.  The first picture was 2017 and Kennedy’s first one. The second is this years.










May your Christmas be filled with the warmth of love.



7 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Oh my gosh, she is growing up sooo fast! Wow. We still do postal service Christmas letters, although I design them digitally. We have too many friends who don’t “computer.” Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lavada!

  2. Nothing opens your already-filled heart like grandchildren…and nothing grows faster! Our three grandchildren became teenagers and now, a new one is due in a couple of weeks.
    I wish you and all here a very Merry Christmas and a great 2020!

    • Selfishly I’m happy you still send the Christmas letter as I absolutely love getting it. Yes as I looked over pictures to include in this post I couldn’t believe how fast Kennedy has grown. She certainly brings us happiness.

    • Tonette, so happy to see your comment. I’ll be you’re ready for a new little one. I love each stage of the kid’s lives. I have the two older grandson’s, CJ 14 and Darien 11 and they are fantastic guys. You can imagine how much Kennedy loves them.

  3. Kennedy is such a sweetie and lovely to see she still has her chubby cheeks! Christmas is a reflective time for me, too, as is New Year’s Eve. I have to admit I’m still a card sender and user of the postal service here in the UK. Your memoir writing class sounds like a really good idea.
    Merry Christmas to you, and to all here at The Fence. x

  4. Sweet photos. I love them – and I hope you will write that memoir. It would be lovely to share with your family. I am embarrassed to say this is the first year I didn’t send out cards. I made them online and ordered them and never addressed them. YIKES!

    Hope your holiday season was wonderful! Jillian

  5. Lovely post. Kennedy is a real cutie. We didn’t send any cards this year, simply because of my being incapacitated I never got round to ordering them (the past few years, I’ve taken to painting my own and having them printed off). The memoir writing class sounds a great idea. Go for it! And although belated, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. x 🙂

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