Update on Penny

I thought I’d better update the group on Miss Penny.

The morning of the vet appointment Penny fainted. Scared me to death, but she woke up like nothing had happened. So at the vet appointment it was decided that x-rays and a echo need to be done first.

From that testing we found out that Penny has pulmonary hypertension. She didn’t have the scope done because the anesthesia would have killed her. Yes, my heart dropped when the vet told me that.

Penny has heart meds that we’re trying to see if they help. Of all things its liquid Viagra. Who knew it helped. Unfortunately Penny got a side affect they have only seen in 1 other dog, diarrhea.

So after talking to the specialist – I got an appointment with Penny’s vet for a blood test to check her liver and for heartworms, in case there was an issue and that was causing the diarrhea.

Penny’s liver is clear and no heartworms, so that was ruled out. Penny’s vet gave me diarrhea meds. So poor Penny now has 2 meds that have to be give 2 and 3 times a day.

But I’m happy to report as of Monday (yesterday) her diarrhea has cleared up and she’s acting almost exactly like the dog she was before all this started. Phew.

Have a follow up with the cardiologist later this month to see how the meds are working and have another set of xrays and echo done. And then we go from there.

Here’s a picture of Penny in her bed on Sunday – just chillin and resting. She is really a very good pup and taking this all in stride.

Penny 12-15-19

8 responses to “Update on Penny

  1. I’m so glad Miss Penny is stable and acting like her old self again. It sounds like she rebounds well, energy-wise and that’s seems like a really good sign to me. Sending hugs and prayers. And thank you for the update. 🙂

  2. I have really been thinking of both you and Penny. Thanks for the update and thankful it’s so positive.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can only imagine what you’ve been going through, Marie, and little Penny, too. I’ve got everything crossed for you and sending healing positive thoughts to your little girl. I’m glad she’s taking it all in her stride. Bigs hugs to you both.

  4. hope she’s okay now. Jillian

    • Thanks, Jillian. She’s doing much better. We’re having an issue with separation anxiety which has never been a problem, but I see Penny’s regular vet tomorrow so we’ll see what can help with that.

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