Long Month

November was a long month for me and will continue into December.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good Thanksgiving. The upcoming holiday’s I’m sure will be fun and stressful. So please enjoy the holiday season no matter how you celebrate.

Long month has to do with Miss Penny. I came home from a writing session on a Wednesday, and Miss Penny was breathing really heavy, like she couldn’t catch her breath. At first I thought it was just excitement at me coming back home. By Thursday morning, I knew something was wrong.

Called her vet, they are a preventive vet, doesn’t really have anything to deal with emergencies. But they said bring her up so they could look at her. So off Penny and I go. The vet (not hers) looks at her and says “get her to the emergency vet.” Okay. I head off to a vet close to my house, not realizing they’re not really an emergency vet. They don’t have any appointments and it would be over an hour before they can see her and they don’t want me to wait.

Okay, now mommy is really upset. Off we go to the emergency vet I know which is a good 20 minute drive if not more. Miss Penny taking this all in stride. I get there, they take Penny right in. Ten minutes later, I’m talking with a vet tech. Ten more minutes and the vet comes in. Penny is stable, they have her on oxygen. They want to do xrays and then send them out to be read. I agree.

Forty-five minutes later, the vet calls me back in. The xrays are clear. Nothing wrong with her lungs, heart looks a little enlarged but that could be from the breathing. The biggest suggestion is to have a scope sent down her nose to see what her trachea is doing, and see if there is anything with the lungs that x-rays are not showing. But all they can chalk it up to is a collapsing trachea.

Okay, expensive tune-up for my dog. They bring Penny to me, she’s now breathing fine (that’s why I say tune-up) and home we go. Penny is her normal crazy self. Then last Wednesday morning she is suddenly breathing heavy, nothing I haven’t seen before – she does breath heavy at times. But this time it doesn’t slow down.

We have an appointment with her vet on Friday. I keep an eye on Penny she doesn’t get worse. The vet appointment on Friday was good. Penny’s vet suggested yes, have the scope done so they can see what is really going on. We cancelled her dental cleaning for January because the vet and I don’t feel comfortable putting her under with breathing issues.

I get home and call the vet that can do the scope. Penny has an appointment for a consult on the 11th and the procedure will be on the 12th. (I write the blog post early will try to update on the afternoon of the 12th).

Needless to day, mommy here has been an almost basket case. I’m not sleeping because I keep making sure she’s breathing okay.

I will say that Penny doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong, she’s eating, drinking, and doing her business. She’s playful and does all her normal stuff. Which makes me very happy.

You’ll see from the pictures below – Penny is her normal self.

This is her sitting in her bed – just looking at me waiting for me to pick her up

12-9-19 Penny

This one is the funnest one – for some reason she started sniffing my planner supplies. To the point that she tried to jump onto the shelf. Crazy pup.

12-9-19 Penny 1

6 responses to “Long Month

  1. She is such an adorable little girl. And you are both in my prayers.

  2. Penny and you are in my prayers too. I think dogs should have the life span of parrots.

  3. Such a worrying time for you. Hope the vet gets to the bottom of the problem and able to sort it out for Penny. She’s such an adorable little girl. Thoughts and prayers with you.

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