A Mini Rant for the Holidays! :)

Jillian here! Happy December!  I am proud to announce my first grandchild, Benjamin Rowan, was born on November 26, 2019. Just in time to have his first Thanksgiving. It’s really cool as it’s always been my daughter-in-law’s favorite holiday. He’s a super sweet, gentle soul (so far) and a very happy little dude.

I was there in the hospital when he was born- not in the delivery room- I didn’t even want to be in the delivery room when my own kids were born, I certainly didn’t want to be there for someone else’s.  🙂  The labor itself wasn’t bad for her- she did really well according to her and my son. So happy she had an easy time.

People have been asking me what my grandmother name is going to be. I’ve been keeping it a secret and have bought a book for the baby for Christmas that will reveal it. It was one of my son’s favorite books as a child. (I’ll tell you at the end of this post if you stick around long enough) 🙂

One of the reasons I’ve been keeping it a secret is because I wanted the other grandmother to announce her name before I did. She has done crazy- if not downright mean- things to me over the time I’ve known her. I haven’t written about this before, but I have to get it off my chest.

When my son was growing up, we baked and cooked a lot together. I have one of the really nice KitchenAid mixers and I always told him I’d get him one for his wedding present.  When he got engaged, he was at her parents’ house and mentioned I was getting them a mixer. Within days, he emailed me to tell me that her mother got them one as she found a great deal on QVC. It really hurt me as that was something special I wanted to do for him and his bride.

Next, I asked her numerous times about coordinating for the wedding. What she was going to wear so I could decide what to do. She never would tell me- she’s about a size 6 and I am not. It’s harder for me to find nice clothes. Since she refused to tell me, I finally got what I liked. When I told the bride what color I got, I almost immediately got a text from her mother saying, “That was the color I was going to wear.” When I told my husband, he said I should just wear what I want. The lady ended up in an ecru all lace gown that was long and similar to the bride’s. Everyone else – including me and the bridesmaids were in short dresses. She looked foolish. Everyone was talking about it.

Fast forward to the baby shower:  When the other grandmother wanted me to go in on a ridiculously expensive shower (over $1,000.00 at a restaurant- before tax and tip), I said we’d rather spend money on something for the nursery. She came back with they were getting the stroller. I said (you think I’d have learned my lesson by now) that I’d get the rocker then.

Imagine my surprise when I went the next day to order the chair and someone else had ordered it. When I asked my son who bought it (as I was pretty sure I knew)- he said his wife’s grandfather. I had to laugh as I asked, “How does a dead man buy a chair?” Clearly, her mother did it- son says it was from money inherited.

And, the last thing as I rant on, the day they were leaving the hospital after Benjamin was born, her mother said she’d gone to the gift shop to get something for them – balloons and a stuffed toy- but it was closed. I said (again, stupid me) I had tried to go get flowers but they were closed and I didn’t know where a florist was nearby. By the time I got to my son’s house, his mother-in-law had stopped and got flowers.

So, it was vital I keep my grandmother name secret until this lady announced hers to all her friends.   🙂 I’ve chosen Nonna. It’s Italian for Grandmother and the book my son loved was Strega Nona. And now I have rattled on way too long.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza or Happy Hanukah, whichever you celebrate.  stregna nona

8 responses to “A Mini Rant for the Holidays! :)

  1. I’m sorry your struggling with you son’s mother-in-law, but Jillian, I’m sooooo happy you are a Nona. You have a lot of love to give and I’m sure little Benjamin makes everything right in the world. I’m smiling just thinking of you holding him. Congratulations.

    • thanks Laurie. I don’t let her bother me too much, but it’s the little digs that kill me. LOL! I love Mr. Benjamin- he’s so precious- I am getting videos and pictures every day from both his daddy and his mommy. I am super excited to see him grow up!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for what you have been put through. Is there anything worse than jealousy? It makes people do the most terrible things. At least you can relish the fact that you make her jealous and insecure.
    As for Nonna, why yes, my mother’s mother was off-the-boat Italian and was “Nonna”. Unfortunately, my mother waited until my sons were walking and talking before I found out that she would have preferred to be called “Nonna”! It was too late.
    Prayers and hugs!

    • Thanks for the commiseration. It is so weird. I keep thinking it’s not a competition, but it seems she thinks it is. I feel bad that she can’t just be joyful and kind. And I’m sorry your mom didn’t grab the Nonna name in time. Especially with the Italian in your background.

  3. I follow you on facebook so have seen the very special little guy. Your love shines out with every post and I am so very happy for you. My grandmother was Nana everyone loved her.

  4. I do feel for you. One of my sisters has a similar problem with her son’s mother-in-law. Why oh why do these women think they are always in competition and constantly want to outdo the other in-law? Such a waste of energy. Keep stumm in future on all such matters and enjoy the pleasure your special little fella will bring his sensible, very special Nonna.

    • Thanks Kit. It is crazy to be so competitive. I don’t understand that mentality. I try to keep mum, but I am not that kind of person, so I end up slipping. LOL! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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