Crafting, Anyone?

It’s been a busy month for me, promoting Rudy’s Heart, my newest romance. It’s also been a crafty month, and I’ve found that a lot of crafts require group effort. At the very least, it’s more fun with a group, right?

Crafting started with a great suggestion from one of my high school alumni friends. We get together for regular lunches and one of our group is pretty sick. To cheer her up, a friend suggested we all decorate brooms. Now, I’ve never heard of this, but went googling and, sure enough, decorated brooms is a thing.

Since it was October, most of my classmates were doing Halloween-themed brooms. With apologies to fellow blogger Jillian Chantal, Halloween just isn’t my thing. So I did a holiday-themed broom. It took 4 stores to find a corn broom. (Didn’t know that’s what the old wooden-handled brooms were called—OR that the bristles were made of corn stalks. Hence the name.)

Here’s my broom in various stages:

My sister helped me shop for decorations, my husband did the sewing machine part (I don’t sew) and I put it all together. Oh, and my next door neighbor tied the bow, because that’s not one of my talents. We all fell in love with the finished product.

The next craft moment was a visit to my daughter’s. She took me felting, something else I knew nothing about. It’s a thing. It really is. And we had a blast in a class designing our little felt gnomes. Here’s the example done by the person teaching the class:


And here’s pictures the process of making my gnomes. To felt the wool, you poke at it with these barbed needles. I only poked myself twice and I’m pretty darn proud of that. 🙂 And, while mine were quite a bit larger (with the same amount of material), I’m happy with them.

Last but not least, though it’s not technically crafty, I visited another daughter for holiday pie-baking. In one afternoon, three generations (Me, daughter, granddaughter) made four apple pies and two extra crusts to hold pumpkin pie filling later on. And, since those pies were dessert for Thanksgiving last week, I can certify that they were yummy.


I was blessed with having my three other children with us at Thanksgiving, along with several grandchildren. There were eleven at our table and it was a perfect feast. I have to give uber-thanks to the daughters who took over all the final preparations when my back said “sit or I’ll collapse you.” They made me sit and got everything finished and on the table in perfect time.


I’m so grateful for my family. And for the experiences I am privileged to enjoy. I am very lucky. I hope you’ve had chances to be surrounded by loved ones and to experience the awe-inspiring side of life. As we deep-dive into the holiday season, I wish you all peace-filled holidays and a safe, and happy new year.

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7 responses to “Crafting, Anyone?

  1. Your table looks great. Loved the crafts. You have a lot of talent for design. The computer graphics you do are beautiful and look as good as professional work and many times better.

    Wishing you a fun filled creative December.

  2. I can pull pictures together or use a cutter to cut lines, but I am not good at freeform stuff. Still, I’m glad they turned out and they were fun to do, except for those felting pokes. Lol. Merry Christmas, Lavada!

  3. Lovely Thanksgiving table. AND I am glad your daughters made you sit down. I love the broom and I love you even if you don’t care for Halloween 🙂 And those gnomes are adorable. Now I want pie. Jillian

  4. I’ve never heard of broom decorating either! What fun. Love the gnomes. Sounds like you’ve been having a fabulous time. And loved Rudy’s Heart – a great read.

  5. They were fun to do and I’d never have thought of doing them myself. I’m glad other people have these creative ideas. 🙂 Thank you very much for the compliment on Rudy’s Heart. It’s very much appreciated.

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