Did someone say biscuit?

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends across the pond. While we Brits don’t celebrate the way you do, we can all appreciate being thankful for our many blessings.

With that in mind, I thought it was about time for a ‘Ms. Vivvy’ post and a few photos. She’s five now (where does the time go?) and a constant source of joy in our lives. A real character; life with her is never dull  🙂 She loves food, sleep, her daddy, food, walkies, food, visits to grandma, the beach, and…food. As long as there is food on the horizon, she is a happy girl.

20190827_153439This is her waiting for a biscuit/treat face – when she’s at her  happiest!  There isn’t much she doesn’t like to eat, but her favorites are blueberries, slices of apple, and peanut butter. Top of the list though is cheese. She will do anything for cheese!

20190810_195408She also loves being at the beach, especially digging in the sand. And after a long walk on the beach, a quick swim, and playing with lots of other dogs, there’s nothing like a really good rest back in grandma’s back garden, always with a weather-eye open for something edible that might be on offer.

A daddy’s girl, she is quick to show her displeasure if he dares go out for the day and leave her behind. After giving me the evil eye, she grabs her favorite teddy, trots out into the garden, and lies with her back to me as if it’s my fault that her beloved daddy has disappeared for a few hours. It’s really like she’s giving me the cold shoulder! And it’s only the shake of the biscuit tin or the click of the cheese box that will bring her around, and she’ll trot back inside wagging her tail and all is well in her world again.20191105_092122

As I said, she’s a real character and keeps us on our toes. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We certainly love our little princess, and she has us very firmly wrapped around her paws.



6 responses to “Did someone say biscuit?

  1. Ahhh, Miss Vivvy. It’s wonderful to catch up on how you are doing! I’m with you. Humans shouldn’t be allowed to just disappear for hours and hours. Though, it is nice when you get treats to ease your sorrow.
    Faye, she’s looking so healthy and strong. I can’t believe it’s been five years. And, while tomorrow is Thanksgiving for my side of the pond, I’ll just add that I’m thankful for you, and Over The Backyard Fence. I love catching up on our lives (and our animals’ lives).

  2. Five years Wow. I remember when you got her. A red letter day for sure. I love Vivvy blogs. You paint a word picture that makes me feel like I’m there with you. She’s a beautiful lady and you can see how very much she is loved.

  3. Hi Miss Vivvy! Hope you are having a super fall season. Bad daddy for leaving you behind sometimes. He shouldn’t get his treaties when he does that. No biscuits for him!! You look beautiful, girl! Jillian

  4. Is it really 5 years? Wow! Can remember the angst you went through before Miss Vivvy came to stay forever. Having had the pleasure of meeting Miss Vivvy and several occasions, I can honestly say she is an adorable creature lady who knows how to pull Daddy’s strings! Please give her a hug from me. x

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