Winter into Fall

That’s what it feels like here in the Pacific Northwest. We went from summer to fall for 2 days, then winter. Now, it feels like fall again. We still have some cold temps, but not the freezing temps we had in October, plus we haven’t had the rain we usually get. I think October and November got themselves turned around.

I’ve been busy, last month I had two events associated to my writing. Both of them were out of town, but local to me, so I could drive. I enjoyed both, but now I’m glad I can stay home for a while. And trust me so is Miss Penny.

She did enjoy her time at the doggy hotel and day camp, she always does, but she’d rather be home with mommy.

I’m keeping busy with my writing, and with the holiday’s coming up I need to start my shopping for the younger members of the family, plus my secret Santa recipient. I’m not big on the holiday’s, I never really have been, its just another day to me, but for others I understand how they love the holiday’s.

I’m going to wish a early Happy Thanksgiving (If in US) and enjoy time with family and friends.

Of course what would a month be without Penny pictures – these are from her at doggy day camp when she was staying at the hotel:

She’s being protected by the other dogs on the cot:

10-19-19 camp 73524707_3373951579296833_9069384166369394688_n

This one its almost like she’s ready to jump off but not quite so sure:

10-20-19 camp 73119863_3373951532630171_8450954853370298368_n

Have a wonderful month.

7 responses to “Winter into Fall

  1. Boy, that other dog really is keeping an eye on Penny. Makes me smile. πŸ™‚ We’ve finally got some rain, which is conducive to lots of indoor projects, like my writing. Enjoy the pitter patter of raindrips, and little paws. πŸ™‚

  2. The pictures are so cute. We are enjoying pool weather here but coming down to Az. we hit some really unseasonably cold weather like -7 in Ely Nv. We were donning sweatshirts, then as we neared Las Vegas we were on the side of the road taking them off.

  3. Love the photos of Miss Penny. It’s turned unseasonably cold here in the UK too, with lots of rain and even had snow in our neck of the woods on Thursday. Thankfully it turned back to rain. Happy writing. πŸ™‚

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