Busy November

Jillian here. Happy November. This month is chock full of happenings.

The first weekend, I spent with writer friends at a lake house about 2.5 hours from me. My friend’s uncle owns it and he allows her to use it two weekends a year for a writers retreat. We have so much fun and we also make lots of words. We also eat a lot of stuff I don’t usually eat. 🙂 We usually go in October, but we were a smidge late this time and it coincided with what I’m going to talk about next. 😁

It’s National Novel Writing Month and I’m participating for the 11th time. I love the madness of it and watching my word count grow. As of the time of writing this-early Saturday morning, the 9th, I’ve got over 22,300 words. More to be added today. My story is called The Lord of Misrule and is set in Buckinghamshire, England in 1816.

I’m a member of the daughters of the American Revolution and we always have a colonial feast in November. It’s next Saturday and I’m so excited as the place where we meet is a retirement community and their cooks/chefs are so good at what they do. The meal is always amazing – especially the desserts. And of course, there’s the fellowship of friends.

That brings us to thanksgiving here in the US. It’s a great holiday with no expectations except good food and good company. I love it. Low key and a happy day with no drama. And a chance to make no-bake chocolate, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies (see below).

The other-biggest- thing November is bringing to our family is a new member. My first grandson. He’s due on the 17th so the excitement is building. My poor daughter-in-law is miserable, but all of us mothers can relate to that, can’t we? It’s always been my theory that God made the last two weeks of pregnancy a hurdle so we’d be ready to give birth and already set up to forget that experience just because we’re so relieved that the reflux and misery of waddling around is over. You know?

Here’s hoping you all have a great November as well.cookies

5 responses to “Busy November

  1. Congrats on the words, and even moreso on the coming addition to your family! That’s awesome. Seems like it was just yesterday you mentioned she was pregnant. The months flew by, at least for us. 🙂 Hey, those look like no-bake chocolate-oatmeal drops!

    • Thanks for the congrats. They made us keep the pregnancy quiet until almost four months, so it did seem like no time since I mentioned it. And yep, those are no bake yummies. I love them.


  2. I have to hand it to you doing NaNo, and your word count is impressive. And, you work. You make me feel just plain lazy.

    I read an article that said we have kids so we can spoil grandchildren and it’s proven true. I enjoyed every age with our kids but nothing beats grandkids. Mega congrats, I’ll look forward to future blogs featuring this little guy.

    I used to make the nobake cookies they were the kid’s favorite, especially our oldest sons.

  3. Well done for doing NaNo again. Love the sound of your novel, especially as I know Buckinghamshire well! Hope imminent arrival appears safely and soon, you must all be excited. I just love the idea of a writers’ retreat. Mean meaning to do one for some time now. Really must make the effort to get back into writing mode. Enjoy all your festivities this month and happy writing. Go for it!

    • thanks Kit. I am enjoying it. It’s been a fun one so fare to work on. I love that you know Buckinghamshire well. I wish I did- doing online research from back then is interesting. I’d love to actually visit.
      I hope you can get to a retreat and get back to writing and I hope the painting is going well, too.

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