Coloring Books They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore


I did a dumb trick the other day. I downloaded a coloring app to my iPad. And now I’m having trouble getting my nose out of it. It’s like – – “One more color, then one more. Okay I’ll just finish this picture. ” When I do manage to stop, I find I’ve blown a couple of hours. My back hurts and I have a stiff neck.

Now I ask you … is this dumb or what? (The image is of some of the pictures I’ve completed. )

Not that I’m saying to download an app, but just in case, I’m using Happy Colors. And, did I mention, it’s free.

Oh, one more thing. They have some fun Halloween pictures.

Getting ready for a road trip so I’m making this blog a short one. No doubt you’ve already guessed I’m a bit behind with my To Do list because of all this coloring.

We’re looking forward to enjoying the fall colors on the trip. It’s wet here, but we’ve also been enjoying some sunny days that make the autumn foliage pop. (There are some great pictures of Autumn on Happy colors too).

Okay, I’ll quit. Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy this time of year. It’s the best for snuggling down with a good book.

9 responses to “Coloring Books They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore

  1. Haha. I know that time suck. I had that exact same app on my phone. I had to delete it because I wasn’t getting anything done. Lol. It’s…calming. And it pulls my attention away from anything worrying me. So I think it’s a good pasttime, but I just had too much trouble staying away.

  2. Lavada, color is never a waste of time no matter what form it takes! Lol

  3. Barb I haven’t seen any of your work that isn’t wonderful.

  4. Coloring is fun. These look lovely. And what a great way to relax!! Jillian

  5. Nothing wrong with colouring, and love your pictures. My guilty pleasure is jigsaws, usually on the computer! Hope the road trip went well. Love autumn now that I’m a painter, I see it all in a different light. Happy colouring! 🙂

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