An Early Winter

Those are strange words to write, but it seems like we’ve gone straight from summer, to two or three days of fall and straight into winter. We had days of rain, and now we have the cold weather.

Last week we had rain and snow at the higher elevations, this week, frost and cold. It was 28 degrees Fahrenheit today when I got up, tomorrow is suppose to be colder.

Miss Penny doesn’t care as long as there is sun she can go lay in she’s happy.

I spent some time in The Dalles Oregon this last weekend. I was at at a book event. It was the first year of the event, so it wasn’t well attended, but I had fun. My sister and I did a road trip, leaving on Friday. Stopping at a new casino, and then going to the Naked Winery in Hood River (thanks for tell me about it Laurie.)

The Naked Winery had moved to a new place so they didn’t have the displays done as well, but my sister was able to get some good wine and while I bought wine (and I don’t drink) I did it for the bottles. Just look up Naked Winery and you’ll see why (it’s research.)

The book event was all day Saturday, when it was over we both decided dinner and then relax. Sunday was a drive home after stopping at an outlet mall to do some shopping. All in all it was a fun weekend.

Here’s Miss Penny after she was groomed – look at those cute feet:


And this was a bottle of wine my sister tried at the Naked Winery:


And here’s a picture of Mt. Rainier I captured from my car after the mountain snow last week:


3 responses to “An Early Winter

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you got to make it to the Naked Winery. They are an experience in any evolution. And Miss Penny looks as cute as ever. Give her a hug from me. That mountain looks so good in all that snow. 🙂 Though I do have to agree with you that we bumped very quickly into cooler winterish temps. Thank goodness, Miss Penny is still getting some sunshine to lay in!

  2. I got the yard winterized yesterday with faucet covers. I love the sunny afternoons. Penny will be cuddling in her bed I love when all that we see is her little nose peeking out.

    I haven’t been to the Winery, sounds like a fun place to visit.

  3. The winery sounds worth visiting and love the photo of Mount Rainier. 🙂

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