October! And a Tale of a Kitty

Jillian here.  Happy October! My fav time of year…except this year as we are still soooo hot. The temp is still in the 90s in the day and 80s at night. We keep getting told by the weather guessers (as my dad calls them) that it’s going to cool off, AND rain, but they haven’t been right at all. We are in a terrible drought. We usually have daily afternoon thunderstorms in August and September but have had zero rain since the first week of August. The grass and leaves are crunchy- not because of fall, but because it’s so dry.

I have a new book out this month. It’s a horror/romance. Not gory, just suspenseful. It was a lot of fun to write. I put in a ton of Beatles references and had a blast doing that. The name of the supposedly haunted house is the Rigby estate. My dad saw the blurb and asked if it was Eleanor’s house. HA!

This morning, I went by my favorite restaurant as one of the waitresses has a dog  her friend was mistreating and she took it to find it a good home. One of my friends- a gal who used to work for me a long time ago- said her parents were interested as they love the breed- a Boston terrier. So, I went to take her info to the waitress and lo and behold, I found this poor starving kitty. I scooped her up and brought her to the office. She has been eating like a demon. I am trying to pace  her, but she’s really hungry.

She is also a mama- so, now I am going to try to find the babies. I have a friend already on her way to see if she can locate them. I hope she does as I don’t really want to send this kitty back down there to be starving again, but I sure don’t want her babies to die either.  Pray we find them.

Have a wonderful fall season- I sure hope we get some…..Cj


10 responses to “October! And a Tale of a Kitty

  1. Ooooh, please let us know if you find the kittens. Sigh. (And thanks for feeding Mama.) 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new release. Just in time for Halloween. Why do people not take care of their animals. I worked with a cat rescue (Feline Friends) and it’s monstrous what people do. Then on the flip side there are people like you. Let us know if you find the wee ones.

    • Thanks re: book. We did not find the kittens, but my friend who knows about animals said her milk was dried so the babies have been weaned.  BUT now, the waitress at the restaurant said she was going to report me to the shelter for taking her. So, I took the cat to the shelter to see if she had a chip. She does not – and he said she looked like the babies were weaned, too.  I have her here at my office. I am not giving her back to be starved and with no water unless someone forces me. It’s crazy. 

  3. Report you for taking in a hungry, homeless cat??? I’m glad you did! I’m also glad to read in the comments that it appears the kittens have been weaned. Felling a mite easier about the little ones out there. Kitty kudos to you for your rescue!

    • Yeah. The whole thing is crazy with this waitress. They clearly weren’t feeding this kitty. Why not be happy someone wants to give her a home? And I’m hoping for the best for the kittens. Interestingly, the woman did say no one had ever seen the kittens. They are about 7 weeks old…if they survived already. There was no sign of them when my friend went to look.


  4. Congratulations on the book release. And you certainly did the right thing re kitty. Shame on the waitress!

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