Myrtle Beach South Carolina

3198410284In May we decided to look into purchasing a condo. We really wanted to be on the beach. However, living in the Pacific Northwest, it is wet and cold so we looked south and came across Myrtle Beach.  It was like it was meant to be. Almost at once we saw this condo online and arranged a trip to see it. Oh my gosh we fell in love with the area.

It’s a slower life style or at least it seems to be. North Myrtle Beach is more of a family type place with miles of beautiful beaches. The picture is from the balcony in the unit. 02E2B4ED-2C28-4F83-8963-8EC0D9CA7B29

We flew into Atlanta and then to Myrtle Beach. What a difference in the two airports.  We felt like we had stepped back a few decades. We rented a car, none of them had navigation systems in them but we managed.  For one thing going down the coast road you will run into our building though it is at the end of the beach.  We can see North Carolina from the beach in front of it.

The trip was a fast one, all business.  Wellll we did manage some fantastic food tasting and visiting. Everyone we met was so friendly.  We have the condo on a rental program at’s pictures of it and if you’re headed that way and need a place to stay it has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths ….  We of course couldn’t stay in the condo that time so we rented a room just up the road.


We’re planning our next trip, this time two weeks in January. Again a working trip we want to upgrade the dining room and hopefully look into replacing the living room drapes with blinds.

Looking forward to more time down there when we can do some tourist stuff. There’s so much to see and we haven’t traveled in that part of the world so everything will be new to us.

By the way if any of you would like to do a guest blog here at Over The Backyard Fence contact us we’d love to hear from you.

7 responses to “Myrtle Beach South Carolina

  1. Wow, that place is gorgeous! Congratulations. I hope you get to thoroughly enjoy it! Now, Myrtle Beach is on my wish list. Lol.

  2. Wow! That place looks fab. Can feel lots of happy times there coming.

    • Hi Kit good to hear from you. We’re looking forward to time down there. Might even try to meet with Tricia as it’s about the same distance. We’re across a continent and she’s across the pond. It would be fun and there’s plenty of room with the 3 bedrooms/3 baths

  3. Lovely! So glad you got it. It looks like a wonderful location and condo. Nice warm water, too. Jillian

    • I was surprised at the water temperature. Here in Washington state the water is cold, really cold. Even in the summer it’s cold.

      • yes, I remember the water in San Diego was super cold too. I can imagine it’s much colder up there where you are. Our water here is almost like a tepid bath,

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