Movie Magic…

I love the cinema. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax. We’ve seen some really great movies lately, such as Rocketman, Yesterday and, unexpectedly, Mary Poppins Returns. Yeah, I’m still a kid at heart. It’s not unusual to find me searching for a young ‘un to drag to the cinema to watch the latest Disney, or in the absence of an appropriate little person my mother gets the job. She’s game for anything…some of you might remember the Aquaman experience?

Anyway, last week we saw The Lion King. I’ve never gotten around to seeing the live show at the theatre (secretly preferring the screen to the stage) and I wasn’t expecting such an amazing movie. How on earth these creative artists and technicians manage to capture such magic on film has my total and utter respect. It was incredible, and it wasn’t long before I was totally absorbed in the story.

Now, I’m pretty stoic when watching movies and during the sad parts I remind myself that it’s only a movie and focus on where the cameras are placed to get the right angle for the shot, and how the actors are depicting the emotion, etc. (the writer in me, of course, and a little harp back to childhood when I dreamed of being a movie director). Yes, usually I can cope with that little tightness in the throat at the sad parts and get through it.

The Lion King had me blubbing like a baby.  I mean, tissue to the ready kind of blubbing. It’s the animals, I’ve always been a sucker. Can I just say Lassie, War Horse, and let’s not even mention Bambi. Okay, let’s mention Bambi. I think this is where my sad-animal-film-blubbing took root. My lovely dad always liked to tell people that when he took me to see the movie as a child, I cried so hard when Bambi’s mother died that he almost had to take me out of the cinema because I was setting all the other kids off with my wailing.

It’s not just films that have this effect on me though, I also cry at TV ads that involve animals. What a sucker 🙂

How about you? What gets you reaching for the tissues at the movies?


4 responses to “Movie Magic…

  1. We went last weekend. LOVED IT, though I still highly recommend the stage version. The theater comes alive with animals. Seriously. I am the person blubbering behind you at the theater. I’m also the person who, in action adventure movies, gasps and throws both hands up to ward off danger. Lol.

  2. I’m right there with you. I like to never got over Marley. Made the decision not to see War Horse. I haven’t seen Lion King. My nephew invited me but it was the last minute thing and I couldn’t go with them. Can you imagine the three of us going to the movies. Have to laugh at the visual I’m getting.

  3. oh, man. the animals get to me, too. I don’t even go to animal movies any longer- Where the Red Fern Grows book did me in and Old Yeller did, too. All when I was a kid- I learned not to go to dog movies because the dog dies. I haven’t seen the new Lion King. I loved the first one back in the day. Lots of things make me weep. I watched an old movie last night with Bette Davis and Claude Rains and boo-hooed my head off. AND I want to see Rocketman!! My son and I tried to go when I was visiting him in Orlando area, but it was sold out. Haven’t had a chance to try again. Great post!! Jillian

  4. Looking forward to seeing the Lion King. Animals always get me blubbing. And still get wet eyes every time I watch Bambi.

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