It’s August – How did that happen?

I think I blink and several weeks pass. I haven’t figured out how we got to August, it seems like July was yesterday.

It’s really funny how time passes so quickly. I’ve been super busy with my writing, and of course taking care of Miss Penny, who has decided that Mommy should let her outside every hour until 7 pm, then it’s every 10 minutes for an hour. She is such a funny dog.

Of course last Friday night was not a fun night. I love the Pacific Northwest, but I do not love the summer thunder and lightning storms. I have never like thunder and lightning since I was a kid. The one Friday night just reminded me that mother nature has her say when she’s angry.

Luckily, it ended so Penny and I could go to bed. The storms don’t affect Miss Penny much, unless the thunder is right over us or super loud. She was only startled by one clap of thunder.

This was Penny Thursday morning playing guard dog:

Guard dog


This is her the morning after the storm:



Everyone have a great week and month of August.


3 responses to “It’s August – How did that happen?

  1. Penny does mornings like I do. That storm was the biggest I’ve seen. And, scary. And, yes this year is zipping by. It will be fall before we know it

  2. I’m okay with thunder and lightning and have even sat outside (under cover) to watch it. I’m glad Miss Penny (waving hello!) doesn’t do bad with it. 🙂

  3. I love thunderstorms and watching lightning. We rarely get them here nowadays. We had a tremendous one in Spain a few years back but have to admit that one did scare me a little. Think that was mainly because we were ten floors up in our hotel.

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