Montesano Washington

220px-Grays_Harbor_County_Courthouse_03Last week Karen and I resumed out trips to small towns. It was a beautiful day to visit the Montesano courthouse and walk along the residential streets.

The courthouse was damaged in the 1999 earthquake and I didn’t know if it was open. It was, in fact, the work to repair the quake damage led it to be restored to its former glory. The courthouse today is considered one of Washington finest and is an important part of the state’s architectural history.

The entrance is through the side making the building look like it is closed. Karen and I took a self-tour of the building. The murals in the rotunda B6B29826-E0D5-448B-B6FB-2925752DC32Aare some of many throughout the courthouse.

Just seeing the courthouse is worth the trip but the town itself is an experience. The 1987 survey made by the state referred to the county’s collection of homes as “the richest in the state”.

It was a beautiful day so when we left the courthouse we wandered down some streets. Many of the homes looked to be in the process of renovation but the Hubble House was in perfect condition and is for sale.  The listing reads 5 bedrooms – 5.25 bathrooms and 5352 square feet.  It was built in 1903.Grays-Harbor-Historic-Homes-Hubble-House-Montesano-Historic-Homes

Of course, we finished off with lunch stopping at a Mexican restaurant recommended from people we met at the courthouse.

Visiting small towns are one of my favorite out and about days.


11 responses to “Montesano Washington

  1. So many treasures in these smaller towns.

  2. Barbara Smith

    Oh, how I wish I could afford that li Ely home! What a great little jaunt you had! See you soon!

  3. What a fun way to spend the day, and show pride in your home state. I don’t spend enough time exploring Washington, and I should.

    • Wish you still lived close and we’d take you out exploring with us. That house is really something to see.

    • I got the idea while reading a story where they were traveling through small villages in Europe and thinking I’d love to do that. Then like a light bulb I thought ‘hey I can do that’ in my own back yard. So much to see and do in Washington.

  4. Sounds like a fun day out. The building is stunning and the rotunda murals are very beautiful and highly detailed. I’d want a ladder to take a closer look 🙂

  5. Lovely!! The house is gorgeous and man! that ceiling- breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Jillian

    • I’m betting there’s lots of older homes and court house around you. We recently purchased a condo in Myrtle Beach and are looking forward to exploring the area.

      • You’ll love myrtle beach. And we do have some lovely old homes and courthouses here. Interestingly, several of our courthouses used to be post offices. Really nice post offices. Lol

  6. Sounds a great day out. The rotunda murals look incredible.

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