I’m back

Sorry I missed so many months. I thought I had a reminder on my calendar but apparently I didn’t.

I have been busy. I’ve been working on setting up a new book series, and starting the new book.

In May I went on writing retreat to the San Juan Islands. Now I’ve lived in Washington for 7 years and I’ve never gone to the islands. It was fun. Below are some pictures.

One non-fun thing about the trip was the pet hotel panicked with little Miss Penny. Since she’s a small dog she has what is called a collapsing trachea. For her it means, she starts coughing and sounds like a little bull frog when she does.

Well, she had a coughing fit, the vet attached to the pet hotel didn’t like how she sounded and sent her to the emergency vet. Now I’m on an island, I can’t get back because the ferry’s have stopped for the day, plus it’s at least a 3 hour drive once I do get back to the other side. On top of that being where cell service is iffy.

My niece, bless her heart, took care of everything for me. She was able to contact me and we talked. She even picked Penny up and kept her for me until I got back. While the emergency vet was expensive, they confirmed it was only her collapsing trachea. They gave her steroid shot and some meds.

The meds didn’t help, but I took Penny to her vet. We tried another med that helped a little bit, so when Penny went in for her six month appointment, the vet gave her a shot. That seems to have helped. She still coughs, but its not for long periods of time. The shot was an anti-inflammatory to help her throat not get irritated.

I really didn’t need that kind of excitement in my life. I hope everyone is enjoying summer (at least its summer here) and staying cool.

Miss Penny the night I got home from my retreat:


She refused to sleep on the floor the first day I was home, she had to be next to me on the sofa.

The view from the deck outside my room at the retreat:


And some local wildlife:


4 responses to “I’m back

  1. Beautiful place for a writing retreat or for any retreat. These four legged family members do cause us worry. So glad Penny is doing okay and you to will recover.

  2. That was such a fun retreat, though the Penny health scare was nerve-wracking for you, I know. I’m glad she’s doing well now.

  3. What a worry for you, and don’t things like that always happen when we’re away? I’m glad Miss Penny is doing well and that you enjoyed your retreat.

  4. Good to her Miss Penny is okay but must have been very worrying for you. The retreat looks fabulous. Think I’m in need of one at the moment.

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