Jillian here. I’ve been indulging myself in reading some books this summer as well as watching a lot of older movies on TCM. I confess, I’ve let my writing fall a bit to the wayside. I did start a new story last week and am about 3500 words in- which is slow for me- but I’m okay with that since I am at least writing something after being in a slump.

I read a book this week which was a totally fictionalized account of the Dr. Crippen murder. This was a case in 1910 in London where the culprit and his companion took off on an ocean liner and were caught by a Scotland Yard detective by the first use of the Marconi telegraph machine when the captain thought he recognized Crippen.  The detective boarded a ship at Liverpool and chased the first liner across the ocean to get his man. The retelling was interesting in that the author (John Boyne) explored a different theory of the case. I liked the tale even though it wasn’t very likely to be the truth.

I also recently read The Silent Governess; Runaway; Orphan, Monster, Spy; and This House is Haunted. They were all very different, but I liked them all. Historical, contemporary thriller, 1940’s Germany and a spooky Gothic. I like lots of different genres – both to write and to read. No wonder I can’t seem to build a brand- I’m all over the place.  LOL

Some of the movies I watched this past week are North by Northwest; Jane Eyre; The Woman in Green; LauraThe Tattooed Stranger; and Treasure Island.

Oh well, I like who I am and so that’s that. I can’t change my eclectic nature now, can I?

Have a great July!!  How about an office cat pic to give you a smile?  This is Camo. Short for Camouflage- she blends in with the grass when it dies in the fall and winter. 🙂 She’s a great helper with the closed files destined for storage. IMG_4944 (2)

10 responses to “July!

  1. Oh, Camo, you sure are pretty! And eclectic is good, Jillian, broadens the mind 😉 Enjoy your reading and movie watching, the writing will be there when you’re ready.

    • Thanks Faye.  I know you’re right, but I still feel a bit guilty. Like I’m shirking.  LOL Camo is a beauty and just the sweetest thing ever. I just adore her. 

  2. Ah a kindred spirit. I remember when I first started writing and received the advise to set a brand, write in one genre. Hah, even the first two books were different. I think I may bore to easily. Enjoy what you write and read.

    Good advise from Faye, the writing will be there when you’re ready.

    • I think we are alike on the bored easy so like lots of different genres. My first two books were different from each other, too. One was contemporary and the other was set in 1920s. LOL! And yeah, I agree with Faye’s advice….just have to get over the guilt of not writing every day.

  3. Eclectic is good! Much more interesting, I think.

  4. Eclectic is a great term for what you read and watch. That’s cool, and it’s never good to get stuck in one lane, so to speak. Camo looks like he’s helping soooo much. 🙂

  5. Nothing wrong in eclectic. I certainly am in both books and films. It broadens the mind. When I’m reading I feel guilty because I’m not writing, ditto watching movies. Yet when I’m writing, I feel guilty I’m not doing something else, or wishing I was. Nowt as fickle as a writer! Camo is adorable and looks perfectly at home helping you in the office.

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