Late is Becoming the New Normal For Me

I’m late again. It seems the 9th has a way of arriving when I’m in the midst of chaos or travel. This time, I was in Orlando for work from Wednesday to Friday and then spent the weekend with my son and daughter-in-law. I got home last night a little after six but it’s an almost 7 hour drive and even though I knew it was my day, I was too lazy to type. Alas.

So, here I am today. I usually take the grand dog, Primm, a toy when I visit. This time I got her a weird yellow creature (picture below). She wasn’t thrilled with it when I got there Wednesday night, but by Friday, she’d warmed up to it. Saturday, she was pulling the stuffing out of it. My son said, “And this is why we don’t buy her soft toys.”

I told him it cost less than lunch at Wendy’s and if she destroyed it, it lasted longer than digesting a meal. I also picked up the fuzz that came out of it. 😁

It seems I’m already a bad influence on the grand dog. And since my daughter-in-law is 17 weeks pregnant, I’m sure I’ll be in trouble some more as the future unfolds. 😁

We’re super excited to have our first grand baby. I was happy to be able to go with my son and his wife to shop for some baby items and some maternity clothes for her. She has just a little bump right now, but she tried on the fake one at the store to see how the dresses would fit later. She was precious as she giggled every time she looked at herself in it.  Lots of fun ahead for them— and us.



8 responses to “Late is Becoming the New Normal For Me

  1. Okay, that granddog is adorable, but probably not as cute as your grandbaby will be. Congratulations! So, so excited for you. I suspect that 7 hour drive will become a regular thing over the next months and years. 🙂

    • I am very sure that drive will be taken much more often. I will have to suck it up and do it even though I hate to drive. LOL! And yep, the son is handsome and DIL is super cute so they will make a pretty grandson for us! If pretty is the right word. LOL

  2. Yep I agree what’s 7 hours when there’s a grand baby at the end? You hang in there with the spoiling that’s what grandma’s are for and oh watch out for the grandpa’s. I’m sure Jack thought the grandkids were his ultimate reward as they were gifted when he had so much more time then he did with his own.

    • My husband is already talking about fishing, hiking and camping. I asked him to let the little dude get here and learn to walk first. 🙂

  3. Oh, your grand-dog is adorable 🙂 and I love your logic about the cost of the toy 🙂 Congrats on your soon-to-be grandma status, when spoiling will be a huge part of your job description. Enjoy!

  4. Grand-dog is adorable and if she enjoyed ripping it apart, so what, she had fun. That little baby bump must be a lot bigger now; exciting times ahead. 🙂

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