Rejuvenating Retreat

It’s been a quiet month for me. I’m still fighting some minor health issues, so have mostly stayed close to home, though I did have the extraordinary opportunity to go away for several days and write in one of the most idyllic settings I know, the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State.IMG_8688

It’s hard to describe how empowering it is to gather with like-minded authors and just write. Whether the words flow or you’re stuck on a plot-point, everyone knows what you are going through. We shared triumphs and helped each other past the tough points. It was amazing and I finished the first draft on a short story in less than a week! (That’s a LOT of writing for me.)60810424_10216334202802297_2015782710705913856_n

I can’t thank the organizer, Jami Davenport, enough for bringing us together. I met some amazing ladies, all motivated to write, write, write. All filled with gratitude for the opportunity and the surroundings. And each one either a friend already or a newly met friend. Here is our very diverse group (from left ot right):

I loved it all. At home, I let tasks and appointments and duties pull me away from writing. Here, we met after breakfast and wrote in half hour sprints until lunch. Same thing in the afternoon.


Evenings were for relaxing. It turned out to be the perfect working vacation, even if I did spend part of it in tears. You see, the short story I wrote was about a secondary character in the Earth Legacy series. Tevy, the twelve-year-old brother of the heroine. All grown up and ready to find his own way in life. It is the last time I’ll write about these beloved characters. Though there will be more stories in this world, they will occur at a different time. I’ve worked on this series, lived with these characters for so long, they’ve become part of my family. So I cried as I re-introduced them, as I showed little Tevy all grown up, and as I sent him off into his own happily ever after.

And my retreat-mates understood, another reason this retreat was so amazing. It energized all of us. And I am very grateful for that. I hope you’ve got abundant sunshine and happiness in your life to be grateful for.

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10 responses to “Rejuvenating Retreat

  1. Sounds fabulous. Just what I could do with!

  2. I so could feel the vibes from this post. I love the Earth Series and can share some tears to say goodbye not to the characters because you’ve brought them to life for many many readers but to creating more stories with them as central characters.

    Love the setting for the retreat.

    • Rosario resort is awesome and you can’t beat that view. They were preparing for a weekend wedding, too, which is just fodder for romance author’s souls. 🙂

  3. Sounds wonderful- even the bittersweet tears of goodbye to a beloved character. I love how you got a whole story drafted in a week. Well done!! And they look like a lovely group of supportive women. Blessings that you have such a great tribe. Hope your medical issues get resolved well. Jillian

  4. Oh Laurie, how did I miss this post? The retreat looks fabulous and what a treat to write in such a beautiful place. So pleased that you finished the first draft of Tevy’s story, you know how I feel about him. I can’t wait to read his story.

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