Where Do I Start? Ch-ch-ch-ch-anges!

Lots of craziness going on in my life the last month or so. I missed my last blog post because even though I knew it was my day coming up- the day before – or maybe the morning of- I can’t recall- one of my employees who has been with me since 1997 came in and resigned.

She has some medical issues but we’ve also had some challenges here at the office the last two years that didn’t sit well with her and the others in the building and although part of me was sad to see the end of an era, another- deeper- part of me was relieved- as you see, I had decided the Friday before that that the next time I had a discipline issue with her that I was going to bite the bullet and fire her. She resigned that next Tuesday so that was a gift from above. She gave her reason as medical but I feel pretty sure she was as tired of us as we were of her. 🙂

The fact that she resigned made me totally forget my blog day. The good news is, the next day, I asked my son -who had moved to Chicago- if he wanted to take the open legal assistant job and he did. His father was going to see our other son in Winter Park, Fla that weekend but the next one, he drove to Chicago (14 hours one way) with a U-Haul and brought him home. So, my house is chaos as we cleaned out his closet of old toys, etc, ripped up carpet in his room and he and his dad laid a new wood floor. Stuff is still all over the living room for him to sort through – to donate or toss or keep. I am living in utter chaos, but loving having my son working for me- as well as being my Jeopardy watching mate again! 🙂

Training the new employee, keeping the old one on task and having more cases now- since one of the other hearing officers retired- and they aren’t replacing him- and we are splitting his docket, has kept me busy, busy, busy.

Then, last week, I got this horrific stomach bug and was vomiting and having other stomach issues for several days. It’s been an adventure. NOT! I am ALMOST normal today…whatever that means.

Happy Spring!! These are from a client. So bright and happy! flowers

9 responses to “Where Do I Start? Ch-ch-ch-ch-anges!

  1. Wow. You’ve had a crazy few weeks! And I’m so sorry you got taken out by a bug. I hope it stays GONE. And, I love your silver lining. Congrats on having your son back home. No more polar vortexes for him! 🙂

    • It has definitely been crazy. And I didn’t even cover it all. Lol. And amen on the bug staying gone. That was wicked awful. My son being back is an answer to prayers. Many of them.


    • And he’s digging the warmth, too. Having adjustments getting used to it again. Lol


  2. Wow, you make my life (and it’s hectic right now) seem like a walk in the park. Never a good time go get sick but this seems a little on the really not a good time. Congrats on having your guy back it will be fun working together.

  3. I hope you’re feeling much better now, Jillian, and that life has settled down a little for you. You had a lot to deal with and it can’t be easy having to deal with a troublesome employee. So pleased the situation sorted itself for you, and more pleased that you have your son back and working with you.

    • Thanks. I’m much better. Things have settled down and the office atmosphere is so much better. It’s odd how much the lack of one unhappy person being around has changed the tenor of things. Kind of sad, too. And it’s great having my son back. He’s catching on quickly.

  4. Hope by now you are feeling better (sorry, I’m late in reading this post). You certainly have had a busy time and hands full, but once all calmed down again it will be worth the upheaval.

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