Spring is around the corner

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. In Feb. Washington had its snowiest Feb. and broke a 70 year old record. I’m sure we did.

Luckily the snow melted and I was able to make it to the reader conference I was attending.  The reader conference was in San Antonio and I had a lot of fun, meeting readers and talking to other writers.

The day I was due to fly home there was snow again, but luckily it didn’t hit my area. Since then we’ve had a few days with snow, what I’m calling funny snow. It starts off as rain, goes to a snow/rain mix, then snow. But we’re warm so it melts right away, except when it lands on grass or dirt. Then it starts sticking. The good thing is it melts right away.

This last weekend was Daylight Savings Time. I’ll be honest, I hate the time change. It really messed me up and I lose track of time. Here in Washington they’re putting through legislation that we will stay on Daylight Savings Time year round so we’ll no long have to change our clocks. I’m all for it.

As most of you know based on my posts, I’m a writer. A romance writer to be exact. I write romances that are on the spicier/sexier side, but they’re always romances with a happy ending. I’ll be talking a bit more about my writing in the coming months.

Have a great day and I hope you can enjoy the weather where you are.

And of course what would one of my blog post be without a picture of Penny, this was taken on Sunday 3/10:

Penny 3-10-19

4 responses to “Spring is around the corner

  1. I posted a FB pic last night of the little pile of snow we have left. And I woke up this morning to above freezing temps. Yay! As someone who likes the snow and the cold, this past six weeks has not been bad for me at all. But I recognize that I’m the minority. Lol. And, as someone who’s read your books, I’m looking forward to more of them. 🙂 Happy Spring! (only nine more days of winter!)

  2. Hey Laurie, I don’t mind the snow as long as I don’t have to go out in it and I’m not snowed in. Glad you like my books, of course yours are great as well.

  3. I still can’t get warm. I climatize fast in Arizona and not so fast when I get home and all this snow hasn’t helped. Spring is so close so I’m glad the weather is getting the message. One good thing about the snow is it’s good writing and reading weather.

    Penny’s picture looks like mine would have this morning.

  4. Hi Lavanda, yeah Arizona would be much better than here with all the snow. Hopefully spring will wake up soon.

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