Happy Snowy Valentine’s Day

I know I’m a few days early for Valentine’s day, and as for the snow….Mother Nature is very pissed.

I grew up in California, San Francisco to be exact, I’ve seen snow in SF once in my lifetime and then it was maybe a 1/2 inch.

Yes, I’ve had snow here in the Pacific Northwest before, but nothing ever like this. I see maybe 2 to 3 inches, and it melts within a few days. Right now I have 10 inches and counting. I can’t even get out of my housing complex due to all the snow. And the side roads, I hate to see what they’re like.

Miss Penny is not a happy camper. She hates she can’t go outside and do her business. And as deep as the snow is in my backyard she’d disappear if she stepped out into it. The next round of storms in coming in with more snow.

I think I need to become a snow bird and go somewhere warm for the winter.

I hope everyone enjoys Valentine’s day.

Miss Penny staying warm


The snow on my solar light in the front yard

20190209_082624- 2- 9-19

This is out my window – you can’t even tell there’s a park on the left side


4 responses to “Happy Snowy Valentine’s Day

  1. The word I’ve been using to describe this is unprecedented. Wow. It’s crazy. And beautiful. And winding down, thank goodness. At least, that’s what it looks like to me. Rain instead of snow. I think everyone will be happy to get back to normal, eh? In the meantime, all we can do is be thankful we’re warm and supplied and enjoy this rare beauty. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, early!

  2. We got home just in time from Arizona. We left a week early so got home before it got impossible to get here. Quite a shock as we were enjoying the pool down in Glendale.

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