History Fair

Jillian here. Happy February. I, for one, was happy to see January leave. I literally was sick the entire month. Kept the cough until February 5, but at least wasn’t sick.

Today, I had the privilege of being part of our local school district’s annual history fair. It’s a great event with a lot of cool entries.  My organization picked five winners to award medals, certificates and cash award. As the history chairman of the group, I was judging along with the chapter regent.

I thought I’d share pictures of our winners. In the high school category, we chose a young man who dealt with Irish immigration and the potato famine. He’s of Irish descent and even plays the bagpipes at a local pub- youngest member of the group. His display played Irish music. Very c,ever.

We chose two middle school winners. One was about the yellow fever epidemic in Pensacola in the 1800s. One of the cool things was they had a photo of a license-like paper that was an “immunity” document. It gave the holder the right to move freely.

The other middle school winner was on women’s suffrage. They used the colors of the movement on their display.

We also chose two elementary school winners. One was about Napoleon and his triumphs and tragedies (that was the theme of the state competition- triumphs and tragedies in history).

The second one was about someone I’d never heard of. Her name was Henrietta Lacks and her dna was used in research and was responsible for a lot of finding in that area of science. She wasn’t paid for her samples and her son has tried to rectify that after her death. Her cells are still in use today which I find amazing.

Lit was a great morning looking at the work this children have done and deciding who to award was a tough decision. There were so many good exhibits. Salem witches, Indian independence, lots of space program exhibits, Valley Forge, London fire, racism, and too many more to recall.

Happy rest of the month to all.

6 responses to “History Fair

  1. Those are awesome displays! Thanks for sharing them. It makes me proud of kids, you know?

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. There’s some talented children here that are going to go far in life!

  3. What a great area of involvement. So encouraging to see what these kids are doing.

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