Winter Cabin and my own Aquaman adventure

We recently did our annual winter cabin with our children and grandchildren. There wasn’t as much snow, but there was enough. As always, the food was amazing, the games were fun, and the conversations…well, they’ll fill me with contentedness for a whole year until we can do this again.

This was the first time we’ve all said, at the end, that it was too short. That may sound strange, but when you get 14-20 people all in one place for 3 nights, 4 days, it gets a little crazy. But our weekend this year seemed more relaxed and flowed so easily that we weren’t ready for it to end.

Here’s some pictures from our adventure. We also got to see the…let me see if I can get this right…Super Blood Wolf Moon total eclipse. 🙂 After these pics, I’ve got an Aquaman story to tell you. 🙂

So, when Faye Avalon posted in her blog that she and her mum went to see Aquaman, it reminded me I wanted to see that movie, too. I spent several days last week cat-sitting for my sister, and I used it as a writing retreat. I worked hard. Really hard. So I figured, toward the end, I’d treat myself and go see Aquaman. Okay, so I mostly wanted to see Jason Momoa. And I was by myself, with no kidlets to use as an excuse. So I figured I’d buy my ticket, slip into my seat anonymously, and enjoy Jason in all his glory.

Nope. It was a slow day at the theater. The guy at the purchase window wanted to chat about the movie. The kid at the refreshment stand just HAD to ask what I was going to see and then wanted to talk about it. And the gentleman I gave my ticket too also started a conversation about Aquaman. So much for slipping in unnoticed.

Finally, I entered the theater. Now, granted, this was a mid-week, mid-afternoon showing of a movie that’s been out a couple weeks. But I was the only one there. For the entire movie. No one else was in the theater AT ALL.

At first, I thought it would be cool. Then I got a little spooked. What if I choked on a piece of popcorn?

Of course, once the movie started, all that faded. I found Aquaman lived up to its promotion. I really liked it. And yes, I went to watch Jason Momoa. But I have to say, what was as much or more fun for me was that Nicole Kidman kicked a**. She rocked and I loved it.

So I hope your winter is not a polar vortex, and you find some time to disappear from the weather of winter and enjoy a movie or some other distraction.

Happy winter!

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6 responses to “Winter Cabin and my own Aquaman adventure

  1. Another cabin adventure of memories. And that they just keep getting better. You’ve had a wonderful start to 2019. And, the movie sounds like fun, fun, fun. We managed to take in two while in Arizona. I always promise myself I’ll start going more often. Maybe this year.

  2. yay for writing retreat! and you guys have really gotten the snow this year. Lots of it. I’m loving your pics on FB. AND good for you for going to the movie midweek. I love to do that when I get a chance. I am not a fan of crowds so I love the slow times.

    • We HAVE gotten the snow. Another two inches last night. Today will be a mix of rain and snow and I’m hoping no ice storm forms, because that’s way worse than snow. Hubby and I regularly go to mid-week, midday movies. It’s awesome. It just freaked me out when I was the ONLY one in the theater. Lol.

      • MORE snow??? Wow! And you beat me on number of people. The last one I saw, it was me and two other people in the theater. Of course, If I choked, they prob wouldn’t have helped. The other day, I was eating salad at Panera Bread and a piece of lettuce went down wrong and I was choking up a storm and not a soul even looked in my direction. I was finally able to hack it up.

  3. Wow. That’s crazy that no one helped you!

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