Goals and my 2019 Plans

After reading Laurie’s goal post I wondered if I should do mine and thought why not.

Like Laurie, I set yearly, monthly, and daily goals. Yearly and monthly goals are around my writing and business of writing. Daily goals are a mixture of writing and life in general.

What may make some of you laugh on my goals I have to make sure I eat breakfast and dinner. Now you may ask why I have those goals, it because I will forget breakfast if I get too busy in the morning, and the dinner is a reminder to make sure I either take something out of the freezer or put something in the crockpot or my new instant pot (which I’m still learning how to use.)

I also work at reading a book for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s usually romance, but that’s okay. I’m reading. Then my writing goals for the day. I’ll also note down the days I go grocery shopping, do laundry and have deliveries coming. This way I’m aware of what I’m doing and where my time is going.

And of course there is Miss Penny. The day after Christmas I moved back into my office. I’ve been writing in the family room for over a year now and I realized I needed to get away from the news or the TV. It was distraction I didn’t need. Well, Miss Penny is still adjusting.

I had to buy her a new office bed, the only one, when she pawed it into submission, started shedding. She likes the new bed. But I can’t move without her little head springing up, or in some cases her entire body and her jumping out of bed.

She has learned if she goes out of the room, sit in the library on the rug and talk to me, that alerts me that she needs something. I just wish I could get to understand that means “Mommy, I have to go outside and go potty” not “Mommy, I’m hungry come watch me eat.”

Yes, it’s funny. She wants me in the room when she eats. Makes no sense. And of course, here’s some Penny pictures

This one was her early in the day – lying on her blanket outside her bed:


This one is her in her bed, sleeping with her blanket:


6 responses to “Goals and my 2019 Plans

  1. She is such a cutie! And apparently is learning to live with you new job digs. Maybe if you remind her that pays for her kibble, she’ll be happier? Though you did say she’s adjusted, just on alert with every move you make. Lol. Good luck with those goals, Marie. I do similar ones, and they help me get more done.

  2. Good luck with your 2019 goals and, yes, I did laugh about the one where you have to remind yourself to eat. If only that was on my goal sheet, LOL. And Miss Penny looks adorable. Glad she’s adjusting to your new workplace.

  3. Goals are a part of my life and I make lists for lists but, reminding myself to eat is a new one. Have fun with the 2019 goals.

    • It is odd that I have to remind myself to eat, but it’s how I am. I’ve been this way for a long time especially when I get into my work. On the day job, I did the same thing.

  4. I wish I had a goal to remind me NOT to eat. I have an alarm called Dave that calls up the stairs when food is required. Pleased Miss Penny is settling into your new workspace. She’s so cute. And good luck in achieving your goals, Marie. 🙂

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