Goals, Goals, Goals…

Well, it’s that time of year again. That dastardly beginning when all, umm, some, umm, a few of us set goals for the coming year. I asked my husband, who is not a goal-setter, what his  goal for 2019 was. It happened to be on his end-of-December birthday that I asked. He said “to make it to my next birthday.”

Sounds good to me. My goals tend to be more complicated. I’m a list-maker. I get that trait from my mother. And I’ve yet to meet a list-maker who doesn’t set goals at least annually.

Me, I set annual, weekly, and daily goals. Does that sound like a lot? Well, it kind of is. And maybe, at that daily level, it’s really just a to-do list. And I don’t always get everything done. What does happen, though, is that I get more done than I would if I were just winging it. That list keeps me grounded and moving. And it helps my anxiety. I don’t worry as much about forgetting something. Lol.

So yes. I have goals for 2019.

  •             I’d like to lose more weight.
  •             I hope to publish five stories this year.
  •             I plan to get out of the house more this year. (Though how I’m going to do that and still publish five stories is a bit of a mystery.)
  •             And I want to enjoy my family more this year.

Those are fairly vague, but that’s how I start my list and that’s what I post near my computer. Next, I drill down to specifics.

  •             How many days a week will I go to the gym?
  •             How many words do I have to write a day, or pages need edited each day?
  •             What trips can we take?
  •             And how can I include family in more of my activities, or be a bigger part of theirs?

From there, it’s the daily list. I only do a week at a time, and one of the things I’ve had to learn the hard way is that life gets in the way. A lot. 🙂 I have to be able to roll with it, and I’m working on that. But, daily lists help me complete those projects I tend to procrastinate on. Eventually, I get tired of bumping them to the next day, and the next, and the next. So I finish them to get them off my list. Lol.

Whether you’re a list-maker or not, or a goal-setter or not, I hope you had a safe and enjoyable entrance to this new year of possibilities. And I wish you a year filled with happiness and laughter.

Christmas and New Year's composition. The pine cones, spruce branches on a wooden white background

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7 responses to “Goals, Goals, Goals…

  1. From a fellow list maker, love your goals. Like you my todo list gives me piece of mind that I won’t forget things. This mornings blog reminds me I need to get my 2019 goals going.

    • I’ve been working on my own goals for 2019 over the last couple of weeks. I’m getting better at taking my time doing that, so I can look at it from all angles and decide if they are feasible or if I don’t have a chance of getting them all done. Lol.

  2. Way to go, you on all the lists! I love that you have the big object and then break it down to the smaller, real “How to make this happen” steps. Very organized. Me, I am with your husband, let me make it to my next birthday! LOL! Jillian

    • Haha. Yes, but if you don’t do goals, you still manage to get a load of stuff done. I can’t believe how much you do, what with the day job, writing, promoting, and hanging with friends and family. Wow.

  3. Another list maker here 🙂 Ha, I just know procrastination would win if there were no set goals to meet. And I love your 2019 goals, Laurie, and look forward to hearing that you’ve smashed them!

  4. I set goals, make plans, have aims but the only lists I make are shopping ones, because I know no matter how hard I try, life and other things hamper achieving them. But it certainly is a good way to focus the mind and organise one’s time. Love the goals on your list. Hope you reach them all and have fun trying!

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