The Grand Reveal

Drum roll, please. For today is the day I can finally unveil the new lounge and dining room. Yes, we’ve finished! Well, almost. We’re waiting on new patio doors to the rear and then we can buy new blinds but until then, it is with great relief we are back to normal and sitting comfortably.

Although it doesn’t show in the photos, the chimney breast has sparkles in the paint; not a great deal but enough for our liking, as has the wallpaper. The rest of the walls are plain pale grey. I admit I was dubious of the colour at first, as it is such a marked changed from our usual taste and I thought it would look cold. It doesn’t. Dave was worried in case the wooden floor would be cold too as opposed to carpet on our concrete floors, but again, it feels warm to walk on, and I quite often find him walking around in bare feet.

He’s worked incredibly hard. He’s done everything with the exception of the plastering and hanging the wallpaper either side of the chimney breast – that was my job as he’s never hung a strip of paper in his life. And I have to say for what are two small walls with no sockets or fiddly bits to cut around, it was the most expensive paper I’ve hung and the most difficult. An absolute nightmare. And never again am I ever hanging another strip. Dave knocked down the tired and space-filling stone fireplace, allowing me to take the first swipe with the sledgehammer, he’s done all the painting, laid the flooring throughout and fitted new skirting boards as well as humping and retrieving our furniture from storage, with the help of a man with a van. It’s such a joy to be able to sit in our own chairs once more. We’d really had enough of sitting on stiff, unforgiving garden chairs.

The photos don’t really do the rooms justice, particularly today when it’s cold and wet outside so the lighting inside isn’t very good. I did turn on our new overhead lights to take them, but they were too bright so I hope you get the idea.

So now to relax and enjoy Christmas. And taking this opportunity to wish you all a safe, happy and fun-filled time.

10 responses to “The Grand Reveal

  1. Simply gorgeous and I love the tall floor light. xxx

    • Glad you like, Pauline. We bought the floor lamp October last year, purely because we liked it. Several children went by the window, and seeing it on, you could see them turn to their parents and say, “Look, Mum, they’ve got their Christmas tree up already!” The led lights very slowly change colour and throws lovely patterns on the walls so we have it on all day long. 🙂

  2. Beautiful you can see your artistic talent shining through. I’m happy for you and that it is done before Christmas is a bonus.

    • Hopefully, it’s the last time we do any big decorating although the kitchen needs attention but that can wait until next year and won’t be a full refit. At least now we can sit back and enjoy Christmas in comfort. 🙂

  3. Kit this looks like a photo shoot – very impressive. Well done you and Dave. He has an amazing job. We had wood floors laid when we got back from Spain, no regrets. Enjoy this Xmas in your “new home”.

    • Thanks, Jane. Snaps were taken on my Ipad, you wouldn’t believe how many I had to take to get a few decent pictures. Many were grainy or blurred because I shake a lot. We love the wooden floor but the shine certainly shows up the dust and marks. It’s keeping me busy but no regrets in having it. 🙂

      • I have wood floors, bamboo. You might want to think about getting a robot. Mine is an iRobot. A lot of us have them and we all love them. I also use Bono it’s like the swifter. The solution goes in a bottle that attaches to a mop and you just spray and mop. No work at all to keep the floors up.

    • Never heard of a Bono or a swifter but will check them out. Sounds just the job. Thanks for that, Lavada. 🙂

  4. They are good photos, but having seen your alterations/renovations in the flesh I can say they really don’t do the room justice. It looks AMAZING! I especially love the sparkle on the fire-breast wall (great idea) and the wooden floors, plus the colour you chose works really well. As for the lamp, I fell in love so hard, LOL. Sadly, it was far too large for me to smuggle out!

    • We still can’t believe it’s really our house, Tricia. Such a transformation. The lamp has certainly caused a talking point with visitors. I’ve told the Range I want commision on all they sell from now on. 🙂

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