I love watching the bloopers when they put trailers in movies.  And, looking at old photo’s when we weren’t at our best is fun.  Well, at least they are if the photos aren’t of me. Years ago, at the suggestion of our then teenage son, I started a blooper album.  Since my way of storing pictures is in a tote box, the album didn’t really get off the ground. Then the other day my daughter caught this priceless picture of our little princess being not quite a princess, and I had this idea.  What about a blooper baby, toddler, maybe preteen, album? And wouldn’t it make a great bridal shower gift?  What bride to be wouldn’t enjoy seeing herself or maybe her groom as being less than perfect?   Or even a baby shower gift that reminds the mommy to be that all isn’t bliss?

Baby’s mommy is doing a terrific job of recording Kennedy’s years in pictures.  Like this these:




But what about these, will they be lost?



She dressed herself




The mod look after she washed lunch out of her hair with a washrag














Grocery shopping is the pits


I did an online album but you really need to have all the pictures when you create it and with this blooper album, it will be a work in progress for a few years.  They have some really cute albums out there, and for scrapbookers, I can only imagine the creations.  In order to get the best out of these pictures, I’m thinking you need an album like maybe a 4×6 and one you can personalize like “Kennedy’s Bloopers”.  As I wrote this blog I got excited thinking of the possibilities, guess it’s time to go shopping.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have bundles and bunches to be Thankful for.  Wishing you all a Happy Thankful Thanksgiving.









8 responses to “Bloopers

  1. Ahhh, what a fun idea, though that future bride might not be so thrilled sharing blooper pictures. Lol. But I love it. I’ve done some sort of album for almost all of my kids. Just have our son left to do. And I need to get working on that since it will be a 50th birthday gift. Hmmm, only two years to get more pictures of our camera-shy child. It’s going to be tight. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lavada! And to everyone who blogs here or stops by here.

  2. That’s a great idea! And Kennedy is adorable whatever the pose!

  3. These photos are gorgeous, so many memories wrapped up in each one. We have the same problem, some are saved electronically, others printed off but the really old polaroids (remember those!) are fading fast! No easy answer but let me know if you find one.

    • We still have some of the polaroids but thankfully not a lot. Digital has been something I adopted early on. My first digital camera took floppy’s and I packed a bunch when we traveled. It took me a while to switch over to the chip and now they go up to the cloud. Technology is amazing.

  4. What a fabulous idea. Kennedy is so photographic whatever her expression. Unposed, caught out photos are always the best, I think. And so good nowadays we have the technology not to lose them or let them fade. 🙂

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