Happy November

Sorry to be late today. My days are all out of whack.

November started off with a bang. I caught some virus that took me almost 2 weeks to get over. But I’m happy to say I’m better now.

Our weather has turned cold overnight. We’ve had frost on the lawns and the cars every morning for a couple of days now, and during the day we’re lucky to make it to 50 degrees.

Since I was ill, I haven’t gotten very much done writing wise. But Miss Penny was happy to have mommy all to herself.

Of course, she was a very good dog. She let me sleep when I needed it (of course she napped with me) and in the mornings didn’t move until I did.

So yesterday, I did some cooking and Miss Penny got a treat. Here’s a picture of her eating some hamburger.


Trust me when I say it was gone within 2 minutes. You would think I never feed her.

This next one is one of our cooler days and Miss Penny decided to become a doggy burrito


She is under her blanket somewhere.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the US.

6 responses to “Happy November

  1. So cute I have a burrito dog too but she is probably an extra large burrito !!

  2. Oh, man, am I glad you’re doing better. Whatever this crud is, it’s taking people down for too many days. I know several people who have come down with it. I’m starting to think I really should hibernate for the winter. But…with Wednesdays at the library, of course. 🙂

  3. Miss Penny is so funny. Loving the burrito dog. Am so glad you are better now. Let us hope winter is kind to us. Over here the past few days the weather has been practically balmly following several weeks of chilly cold and frosts. Take care, keep warm and give burrito dog a hug from me. 🙂

  4. Love the burrito. I can relate. Happy your feeling better and in time for Turkey day.

  5. Too funny. Miss Penny, the burrito dog 🙂 Love it. Look after yourself.

  6. Hope you are better now. Merry Xmas to you and Miss Penny.

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