Welcome to My November

Jillian here. I hate to say my life is dull compared to some of you. Laurie with her cider making, Jane with her bike/car adventures, Lavada with her hidden state treasures visits, Kit’s gardening and Tricia’s trip all sound so much fun. I’m here trudging along with the day to day grind. Working the day job and writing on a new story for NaNoWriMo on my lunch hour and at home in the evenings. I was supposed to go to New York City in October but my traveling companion had an emergency arise with her mother in law so we postponed.

My older son is in for a visit this weekend so that’s a very nice thing. He’s always a pleasure to be around. We both have long been Liverpool football fans and usually both watch the matches and text each other while they are being played. This week, at 6:30 am central time, we’ll be up and watching in the same room for the first time in ages. Looking forward to it.

I have a new Christmas anthology out that was a lot of fun to write. I am working on this NaNo story that’s a pretty heavy subject matter and is much slower going as the level of angst is pretty deep. My inspiration for the story is the true experiences of Oney Judge. She was a slave owned by George Washington. She escaped and he never freed her -even after his death, so she technically died a slave even though she’d been living in a free state for years at the time she passed away.

The law in Pennsylvania at the time George was president was that if a slave lived there for six months, that slave became free. A lot of owners removed their slaves just before the time ran—even for a day or two—as that act would start the six months running again. George did the same thing.  It was a shameful time in our history and I’m tackling it in this story. It’s clearly not a romance though she does eventually find happiness as the true life lady did. It’s difficult to write how the slaves were treated as less than human. I can only hope I’m doing them justice.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. And bless the families who lost loved ones in WWI as we come up on Veterans Day and the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Would that their sacrifices in the War to end all Wars had been true.

10 responses to “Welcome to My November

  1. Ah Jillian, you live an exciting life, a lot of travel. And it sounds like some great new stories. Looking forward to seeing them released.

  2. Wow, that is a strong story you are writing. And yes, these stories need to be told so no one ever goes back there. Ever again. Congrats on the new romance story out. And say hi to Hobbes from Dude. 🙂

    • Told Hobbes Dude sent greetings and he said, “Yo, Dude. Keep cool.” And yes, this is a strong story full of awfulness really. But it does need to be told and we can never let things like this happen again. I’m not sure where it’ll find a home, but I feel like I need to write it, you know?

  3. Wow, sometimes what I wouldn’t give for a quiet life. Always crazy here and I find little time to knuckle down to some serious writing. Your story sounds fascinating although am sure at times can be difficult and emotional to write. Keep going with it. And congratulations on the Christmas anthology.

    • Thanks Kit. Yes, it’s been hard to write this one but I am getting a lot out of the process. Trying to keep it authentic without being too terribly awful with the way people spoke about those issues back then. It’s a balancing act for sure. And thanks re: Christmas stories. I’m happy with them.

  4. I would really love to read your NaNo story when it becomes available, Jillian. It sounds fascinating and knowing your writing I’m absolutely certain you’ll do the subject matter justice. Congrats on the Christmas anthology, too. Wishing you mega sales!

    • thanks Tricia. I will be sure to let you know when it’s out and available. I hope I do it justice for sure. It’s been interesting writing for sure. Thanks on anthology, too!

  5. Jillian, your life sounds far from dull to me! Successful author, day job, LIFE! I agree too with your sentiments about WW1 and WW2, anniversaries bring up lots of memories and make us realise how every day counts, however we spend it. Treasure the moments.

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