One Final Grab at Summer

We took advantage of some glorious late summer/early autumn weather this month to grab a few days away on the south coast of England. Sidmouth in Devon has been a favourite spot of ours ever since we moved to the south west area well over thirty years’ ago. The town is considered the gateway to Devon’s Jurassic Coast. Sidmouth has amazing beaches situated at the foot of prehistoric red cliffs and surrounded by the beautiful green hills of the Sid Valley. 20181010_160357

During one of our mega walks along the coast we stopped off at Jacob’s Ladder Beach and managed to find enough puff to climb the Ladder itself up to a rather splendid tea shoppe. Afternoon Devon tea served with a huge slab of coffee and walnut cake helped give us the energy to walk back to our hotel.It had some lovely views, too.20181009_180911

The hotel we stayed in was incredibly interesting. Some parts of the hotel date back to the 13th Century and boasts connections with Sir Walter Raleigh and the Prince Regent. It has fabulous gardens where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine under the shade of ancient trees like the one in the photo.20181009_161801 The hotel was one of the first buildings in the UK to achieve listed status in 1951. During renovations in the 1970s, archaeologists discovered some of the oldest structures in the town consisting of a spooky network of ancient tunnels and a domed subterranean chamber. Alas, we didn’t experience any spooky goings-on while we were there, just a lovely relaxing and enjoyable break.

Viv and Me Oct 2018Unfortunately, Ms. Vivvy couldn’t join us, although the hotel was incredibly dog-friendly, because she is not the best traveller. But we know how much she’ll love the beaches, so we’re going to dose her up and take her with us when we visit again over Christmas. She was pleased to see us when we got back, and as the autumn chill set in, she snuggled up with me under our furry blanket. The very best welcome home after a great trip away.

5 responses to “One Final Grab at Summer

  1. I love seeing some of your beautiful places. So much history. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. Almost, maybe not so almost, like being there but I love these posts.

    Vivvy is such a love they say some can outgrow motion sickness but Abby never did. And, we certainly tried, I have cleaned up a lot of messes the worse was between the bucket front seats. After that time we put a towel over the center console.

  2. Sidmouth sounds and looks beautiful. A perfect getaway. And, waving hello to Miss Vivvy, I hope she does manage the next trip. She’ll love it once she gets there, eh?

  3. Sounds like a great place to visit. Lots of things to see and enjoy. Love the photos. Poor Miss Vivvy. Sorry she gets sick. She’s precious. Jillian

  4. So pleased you managed to get away for a few days. Sidmouth is a lovely area to explore. And am sure Vivvy missed you both. Fingers crossed she enjoys the Christmas journey without hiccup. 🙂

  5. This is total escape for me, I love Sidmouth and that coast. Hotel sounds great, I am sure Vivvy will make it, apparently Bach’s Rescue Remedy helps some dogs. Lots of stops but no treats til you arrive – Vivvy too!!

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