Hoquiam Washington

AB15B500-E45E-4ACA-A3C6-FE841E0929C4Karen and I picked Hoquiam for our second, “exploring our own backyard”, mission.  The weather the day we went was unbelievable. Perfect for a Sunday outing.

Hoquiam is a small town, population of 8,726 in 2010. I’ve been to Hoquiam, both Karen and I remember going through it to the ocean beaches.  Amazingly it hasn’t changed much, the houses along the route are the same, older but well kept up.

Our first stop was Duffy’s for lunch. We both had shrimp fettuccini. Delicious.  Our main destination for the day was the Polson Museum. Again on the route to the coast, you pass it and yet neither Karen nor I had ever stopped.  The picture at the top of this blog is of the 6,500 square foot mansion. The man at the entrance gave us a brief history of the house and invited us to tour at our leisure.  He told us to look for 1942 photographs as most of the rooms have a picture of how the room looked when the Polson’s lived there.

The house was a wedding gift to Arnold and Priscilla Polson from his uncle. The house has twenty-six rooms with six bathrooms and four fireplaces.  The Polson Museum website is very well designed and includes history and pictures.   If you’re going to the ocean via Aberdeen/Hoquiam I would recommend a stop. If not, a virtual tour is the next best thing.

Another historic site is the Hoquiam Castle. We were fortunate to be able to tour the castle years ago when it was open to the public. There is so much history in Hoquiam. For a while, it was a Bed and Breakfast, but we were told it is now a private residence.   The website from the B/B time is the only tour available. Karen and I drove past it and even though you can’t go in, I would recommend the slight detour to see it.

So what’s next on our mission to see out of way places in Washington? Not sure yet we are thinking of Whidbey Island and Coupeville.  Any suggestions? We are open to ideas.

Oh almost forgot, check out the rose garden at the Polson Museum. It is late in the season but there were still some beautiful blooms.


11 responses to “Hoquiam Washington

  1. Hoquiam is an awesome place, though I’m like most people…passing through on my way to the ocean beaches. I’ve eaten at Duffy’s. Love it! But we really do need to find some time to stop one of these drives. You’ve given us some good options.
    If you’re thinking of going to Whidbey Island, I’d suggest a July trip. Greenbank Farms has a summer fair there with booths selling wares and wine tasting.
    Another good 1-2 night option is the North Cascades highway over to Winthrop. Or Toledo/Mt. St Helens.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on visiting Whidbey Island in July. I just put in on my 2019 calendar. North Cascades will be at least one night out which works. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Winthrop.

    We stumbled on Duffy’s by luck. I’m hoping for more suggestions so we don’t miss these special places.

  3. Sounds fun. Glad you shared!! Have a wonderful fall.

  4. Thank you Lavada for another interesting post, helps me with American history and love your descriptions of meals – mmm shrimp fettucine sounds delicious.

    • I had never eaten at Duffy’s but since we stopped there I have heard it’s been around a long time and most people know it. They have a lot of seafood dishes on the menu. Have you visited the states?

  5. Another interesting read. Simply love reading about these visits you do, Lavada.

  6. Lovely. What a great place to visit. Love the photos and the history sounds great too. I have a friend on Whidby Island. I think you should go there next. Jillian

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