Happy Early Halloween

It’s October and that means Halloween. Now, I’m the first to admit, I’m not super fond of the holiday’s. It’s only because I don’t have children, and really they have just become another day for me. I’m glad others enjoy them.

Halloween is a bit fun because I get to see my neighbors decorate their homes with some fun stuff. One neighbor does a haunted house every year – he builds it and then takes it down. I’ve never gone through it, but I can see it from the back of my house.

Now that we’re into fall the weather is turning a bit rainy and cold. In a way, I’m happy to see it, but in another miss having sun. Miss Penny isn’t too happy with the rain, she hates doing her business in it, but better than snow.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween and enjoys it. And of course you know the month wouldn’t be complete without Penny pictures.

But first – A Halloween picture to enjoy


Miss Penny glaring at me because I was working and not paying attention to her


And then here’s one of her one night all stretched out in her bed (Yes, she’s very furry right now almost grooming time.)





4 responses to “Happy Early Halloween

  1. I know it’s not popular opinion, but Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday, Probably because the kids are grown and the younger grandkids aren’t local to us. But I embrace the other holidays! Hi Miss Penny! She’s looking as cute as ever!

  2. I used to love dressing the kids up but now Halloween is just another day. We haven’t had tricker/treaters for years. First we were to far off the road and now the community I’m in doesn’t allow it.

    Loved the picture.

  3. One week to go to Halloween. We don’t make as much of it in UK but it’s becoming more popular. I remember being in New York for several Halloweens, Brooklyn, and still smile remembering the decorated brown stone houses. I think as a child in Wales we did apple ducking and ate toffee apples, may not be same time!

  4. Not a fan of Halloween. Trick or Treat was something we never did, or even heard of as kids, but we did use to make pumpkin lanterns and bob for apples if at a halloween party. Around here, if there is no pumpkin or decorations outside a house, the Treaters are not supposed to knock, but this year several did, the older ones. We invariably turn the doorbell off, then forget the next day to turn it back on.

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