October! My Favorite Month

Jillian here. Hope all is fall-ish where you are. Sadly, we’re still in the 90s and have a hurricane bearing down on the gulf coast of Florida.  The good news for me is we seem to be at the outer edge and we’re on the west side. The east side of these storms is the worst. I am praying for my other Florida friends who are more to the east, for sure.

Halloween, crisp days, caramel apples, bonfires and the smell of smoke in the air are some of my favorite things. I spend a lot of years in Northern Virginia and I always want apple cider and a ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the leaves change during this time of year. When my son lived in Rhode Island, I visited in October to get in my autumn fix. I’ve also visited Scotland in October for the same reason. 🙂

Here’s a variety of photos of fall. You know, just because.  Have a fabulous season!

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8 responses to “October! My Favorite Month

  1. Be safe, everyone in the path of Michael! I’m glad you’re on the “better” side of it. Like you, I love Fall. I think I love transitional seasons, because I love Spring, too. The colors of both seasons are spectacular. As for the apple cider, you’ll have to check out my blog next month. 🙂

  2. Thinking of you so glad you’re on the ‘right’ side of the storm. We were in Lexington Virgina in the fall one year and got up to the Blue Ridge mountains beautiful. The colors are showing here too and I love the fall. I just got back from Arizona and had a major weather shock. It’s still hot there and was raining when we landed in Seattle yesterday.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. You have some fantastic ones.

    • Thanks Lavada. We got off well with the storm. Hardly any wind or rain. Sad for the others. I’m glad you got to see the Blue Ridge in fall. And hot in fall isn’t fun – glad you got to go back to Arizona for a bit. Thanks on the pics.


  3. Glad you survived the storm, I love autumn, the colours and darker evenings, I think I am meant to hibernate as I am more of a summer person really. The crispness in the air is so invigorating and a good excuse for hot chocolate. Great photos.

  4. Pleased you were safe from the storm. As an artist, I love autumn for all its rich colours and inspiration, but as a gardener always find it a sad time. Love the photos. 🙂

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