Finally I think we can say Fall is here.  My FAVORITE time of the year!!.  I love the cool, crisp mornings and the much cooler days.  Even my animals seem to be enjoying it.

I think I’ve told you that I am now officially a GOAT farmer.  My son who raises Nubians on his farm decided that I needed a few SOOOO first he brought me four, the he took two and brought me three more, THEN he took one and brought me two so now I officially have six goats.  Three of them are babies, the twins’ mother went back to Jimmy’s but I have a sweet baby and her mother.  Brittany and Buttercup.  They are all so cute and really a lot of fun.  Because our barns were set up for BIG cows we had some adjusting to do to keep them in but they stay in all the fences because we have barbed wire and an electric fence around all of it.  Even if they did get out they would come running if I headed to the barn yelling MAAA Ma all the way.  I’m sure everyone in the area can hear them.  Laney, our very big cow, tries to ignore them and is quite content to be in a field by herself.

Other than my goats that’s about the story of my life right now–oh except I have a new Grand puppy and he is a cutie.  His name is Zeke and he is a Springer.  Because Mom and Dad work Grandma gets to walk him on their work days.  Not a bad job, at least I get my walking in and some fun time with a very smart little puppy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Autumn Season!

5 responses to “AUTUMN

  1. Wow. Every time I think you might be slowing down, you take on more. Aren’t you also in charge of something at the local fair??? You do manage to keep busy, Nancy. And it seems to be with all the things you love, which makes for an awesome life. Yay!

  2. Yes I am still doing fair but I was going to quit this year but then I think who will give the Fair Board a hard time so I’m back at it.

  3. Wow Nancy, good to see you blogging. Missed you. Weather has been hot this year so the fall season is welcome. I’m hoping for an Indian Summer, love those. Goats…. it is a switch but I agree that they are fun and you don’t get a smarter dog than a spaniel I see from your reply to Laurie that you are still doing ‘fair’. Good and yes you will keep them straight. We need to get together and catch up. Think of you and Jim often.

  4. awww, sweet! A puppy to love. AND way to go, Mrs. Goat Farmer. I love baby goats. I’m glad someone is getting some cool weather. It’s still in the 90s here with heat indexes in the 100s. I am so over it. Jillian

  5. Young goats and a puppy! Can honestly say your life is never still or quiet. Enjoy every moment, and keep blogging. Love your posts. 🙂

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