Meeting of the Dogs

Well, its September and I’m not sure how it got here. The year seems to be going quickly.

Summer was just that summer. In the Pacific Northwest we had lots of hot weather, we are finally cooling down, and even getting a little bit of rain here and there. Fall will be here soon.

One of the last summer things was a big BBQ at my sister’s house on labor day. It was filled with lots of family, both human and dog kind. Yep lots of dogs, so I thought I’d share.

This is Ruby, a french bulldog – she belongs to my nephew’s girlfriend Shireen


Then we have Maisy, Jack Russel and Blue Healer mix (I think) –  who belongs to my great-niece Claudia


Then this is Missy, a poodle/terrier mix – she belongs to my nephew, Michael and his wife, Wynde


And of course no month would be complete without Miss Penny, trying to get all the sun she can while she can


There were other dogs around as well, but I couldn’t get their pictures. You can say we’re a dog family, although my sister has cats.

Have a great September and enjoy the sun while you can.



3 responses to “Meeting of the Dogs

  1. Ahhh, they are all adorable! (Waving hi to Miss Penny!) I’ve had dogs in my family, but not for a few years. Dude the cat wouldn’t tolerate four more legs in the house very well. Lol. It sounds like the BBQ was a great family day for human and dog both.

  2. Ahhhh got to love them. This is the longest I’ve gone without a dog (or cat). As with everything there’s good and bad. Enjoy and hug Penny. She’s priceless.

  3. Oh, what beautiful dogs. Bet they had a ball of a day. And a hug to Miss Penny, she’s my kind of gal – loves the sun! 🙂

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