I’m Super Late

Jillian here. I feel like the white Rabbit. I’m late, I’m late. I knew yesterday was my day to post but somehow, the day escaped me and then today did, too. I got sick from movie theater popcorn and have been kind of worthless since then. So, forgive me for my lapse.

I had a busy August. Traveled to see my son and his wife in the Orlando area and met the grand dog for the first time. Such a sweet hound. She never makes a sound and is so gentle and sweet. Precious.  We went on a lovely boat ride as well and had some nice meals. We just kind of hung out as my son had a deadline and my daughter in law had an open house for her real estate work. She and I did go boutique shopping one day and taste tested a ton of olive oils at one place. My son is very stable and settled with his wife and his architecture work. He’s found his bliss.

My younger son moved to the Chicago area and we had to get him set and all packed. His dad drove him up towing a U-haul trailer. It’s crazy expensive to have a car up there so we’re keeping it here. While it’s hard to let go, I want him to be happy and this is what he wanted to do. The good thing is he’s living with his best friend from school- they’ve been buds since the 4th grade and his friend has been living in Chicago a year with his girlfriend – they got a bigger apartment so my son could come up and see what kind of work he could find as he finishes his German studies. His goal is to be a translator and already has French and Spanish. He’s going to take some kind of proficiency exam while up there in order to qualify for the German part.

Seeing both my kids happy is something I’ve prayed for all their lives and having one already settled is great. Just have to keep praying that the other one finds his bliss as well.

Have a great September. 8C2F49D0-A7D4-4EC1-AA29-24584F012111AB713081-CFE9-4748-9E52-8FE3A230BCB4285F741F-04F4-4A18-B3F0-EE40AD8ACE0A09006E05-BA19-425B-8213-66A6A1017533


9 responses to “I’m Super Late

  1. Hello! And I’m glad you checked in. Yuch on the popcorn fiasco! That’s crazy. I’m glad to hear your “boys” are doing so well, even if it is further away than you would like. That grand dog is adorable! What a great additional to the family!

  2. Great pictures. It’s hard having kids far from home but at least they aren’t in another country or deployed. All ours kid, and grandkids live local now. Plans for retirement in Arizona but that is a few years down the road. You aren’t all that far from Orlando are you? Maybe some long weekends are in your future.

    • Yes, at the moment, they are both in the country. #2 will be going to Germany at some point. Not sure when. I’m glad you have your kids local. That’s nice. I am not too far from Orlando, but it’s a seven hour trip one way so not what I’d call close- but much closer than Rhode Island was. LOL

  3. Busy time indeed for you, Jillian and some lovely photos. It’s hard when the children move far away. You are pleased for them, happy for them but inside your heart aches and you never stop worrying. Meanwhile suggest avoiding popcorn. Hope you are feeling on fine form again. Love the grand dog’s name: “Primm”. Brilliant.:)

  4. Lovely photos Jillian, glad you had such lovely family time. I am busy trying to adjust to my son and his wife moving to Turin, not going smoothly but it will. Hope life is a bit calmer for you.

    • thanks. Life is calmer but I am missing the heck out of my younger son. I know you’re still trying to adjust, too. We raise them to be independent, but it sure hurts the heart when they go. Hugs to you.

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