Bavarian fun in the middle of Washington State

If you read this blog regularly, you know that my family goes away on a winter cabin adventure each year. Well, the women in my family also do a summer weekend of wine-tasting. Okay, it started as a wine-tasting event, and we really do test wines.  But it’s kind of evolved into a “sit by the pool reading and chatting” kind of weekend. Relaxing, and a great catch up time with my sisters, daughters, and nieces.

This year was our sixth, I think. For the past three years, we’ve been going to a wonderful little Bavarian village in central Washington State called Leavenworth. It’s pretty commercialized, but it’s also, well, just plain beautiful and fun.

In the 1960’s, trying to turn a failing community around, Leavenworth remodeled an entire town into a Bavarian motif to accent the alpine hills surrounding them. All businesses have to follow the Bavarian theme, even the McDonald’s. And that idea took off. Boy, did it ever. These days, it’s busy any day of the year, but that doesn’t stop us. They make it work well.

It’s easy to walk around. In fact, we park our cars and don’t get back in them until we’re ready to leave. Our hotel is about half a mile from the center of town, and easy stroll. The area is full of shops, places to get bratwursts, beer gardens,  and there’s live polka music in the park. Oh, and you can raft the river, too.

We always have fun. Sometimes, maybe a bit too much. Lol. But this year, we actually did some wine tasting again and I found some excellent wines to purchase.

It’s a fun weekend. Bonding as a family, relaxing before the end of summer. (I did not just say that phrase, did I?) And winding down from life, just for a couple days. I love my entire family, but I cherish this time with the women who carry on our mother’s rich heritage of love and family.

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11 responses to “Bavarian fun in the middle of Washington State

  1. I really enjoy Leavenworth. An easy drive from this side of the mountains. Your pictures are great and will help you to recall the fun times.

  2. Love this. So much fun and family love shared! The town reminds me of Helen, Ga, another Alpine village – it’s pretty commercial, too. But fun! And they have tubing on the river. It’s a blast. Glad you had fun! Jillian

  3. I really love that you have these breaks with your special women, Laurie. An incredibly special time. We visited Leavenworth once (when we were staying with friends in Vancouver) and then drove up to Twisp. It was an amazing trip. Leavenworth was really fun and we still have a lovely clock we bought during the visit. Happy days.

  4. Wow! What an incredible weekend in an incredible place. I can confirm they have captured the feel and look of a Bavarian town in Leavenworth. I thought at first you really had travelled to my homeland when I saw those lovely photos. As you know, I have regular girlie weekends with my sisters and mother, and latterly the older nieces join us too. These times are special and I am envious of you having such a lovely place to escape to. 🙂

    • And it’s only a 3 hour drive away. Of course, we don’t go near Leavenworth in the winter. They completely embrace Oktoberfest and the holidays and it’s hard to even walk around town due to the crowds.

  5. Amazing photos, looks a wonderful place, so atmospheric. Hard to believe it’s in America.

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