And So the Work Begins

Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer!

So, here we are in September – autumn – and sadly the high summer heat we enjoyed in the UK seems to have sunk to a more normal summer’s day temperature, which for me is a pity. As I’ve said often, I love the hot weather, but it has been far too hot for me to do any painting and the long-awaited redecoration of our lounge and dining room had to be put on hold. No way was I having Dave swinging a lump hammer about to dismantle our stone fire surround or crawling on his hands and knees laying new flooring in temperatures hitting the 30s, so we’ve enjoyed long lazy days in the garden instead.

A further delay incurred was finding a suitable plumber and gas fitter to do the necessary dismantling before we could start. We found plenty, given lots of recommendations but they either never even bothered to turn up when they said they would, others put up all sorts of problems to what is a very straightforward job – removing 2 radiators,  disconnecting an old gas fire and latterly installing a new shower (ours had jammed on cold. Lovely in the hot weather, not so now it’s cooler!) – and promised quotations were never sent. And it seems we are not alone in finding difficulty when wanting a plumber.

A chance conversation with a neighbour a few days ago brought up this very subject. She was cursing as a plumber she was expecting never showed so had been recommended another. I told her we were in the same predicament. Her new chap turned up on time a few days later and brought him round to see if he could help us. What a find! Nothing was too much trouble, no job too small or difficult and he would be with us to do the work a few days later. Promptly at 8:00am he arrived, said radiators and fire removed, new shower installed and a coffee drunk, and all before 10:00 am. And he’s happy to return when we are ready for the refit and changes.

So, here we are ready to box up our two rooms, and can now arrange the furniture storage and rubbish skip. We’ve already chosen our colour scheme, one wall has been used as a test piece for paint, the feature wall paper already purchased.

I’m not looking forward to the noise and the mess but needs must. Nor can I escape too far whilst it’s being done as I’ve sprained my foot but it gives me a good excuse to shut myself away upstairs next week and write, write, write, if I can cope with all the banging and crashing, that it. Wish me luck!


8 responses to “And So the Work Begins

  1. Oooh, how exciting, to be about to get two nice, new, fresh rooms. I love the paint colors. Very peaceful. And it was meant to be, finding that plumber when you did. Everything’s falling into place nicely. Have fun writing through the process. And, as you know, the cleanup isn’t fun afterwards. Dust everywhere. But it’s so worth it, isn’t it? 🙂

    • We’re still packing up things to go into storage, we’re both reluctant to start but now have no excuses for delaying further. And yes, it will all be worth it when it’s finished. I’m diving in! 🙂

  2. Ah done that about to do it again with putting granite in the kitchen. But love the after look and feel. Your garden is fantastic. It will be shame to see winter set in but you can look forward to nex spring when it will again blossom. Enjoy the days ahead.

    • The garden’s still blooming and we’ve dallied enough in starting the redecorating so Monday sees a big push to get everything into storage. Thankfully weather a lot cooler so we must press on. Hope the granite fitting is going well. Won’t we have lovely homes when we’re all done. 🙂

  3. Looks like a lovely garden to spend some relaxing time in and yep, now the work begins. I am sure it will turn out great – and what is with people who don’t want to do jobs that they will earn money on? So crazy that your friend and you had issues with plumbers. Glad you found a great one!!! The colors you’re working with look good. Take care of that foot. Jillian

  4. Do you ever put your feet up Kit? Certainly not at the moment!

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