Moon Over Pendennis


Falmouth – our hotel

Earlier this summer, we took a short break away to Falmouth on the south coast of England. Falmouth is a pretty Cornish town with a deep natural harbour and beautiful award-winning beaches. The weather was so gorgeous that we were able to take advantage of the latter with some lovely swims and walks along the shore, both in the early morning and as the sun went down.

We chose a hotel right on the peninsula, said to be the oldest hotel in Falmouth. Not only did we have a lovely sea view from our fourth-floor room but we also had a dual aspect so we could see right along the coastline from east to west. That meant lovely sunrises and sunsets.


Moon Over Pendennis

From our room we could see Pendennis Castle, a really well-preserved 16th-century fortress built by Henry VIII and now owned by English Heritage (the castle is that blob in the centre of the land mass).  The views from the Castle grounds are fabulous, too, especially across the Fal River to lovely St. Mawes which boasts its own castle.


From Pendennis to St Mawes

We took a couple of trips during our stay, one to Truro to see its three-spired cathedral. Building was completed in 1910 and it is a great example of gothic revival architecture. The cathedral is right in the middle of town and is reached by quaint little roads and alleyways. Truro Cathedral has a real community feel and appears very much to be integrated into the town’s activities. There is also a thriving cafe and restaurant in its annexe building where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.


Truro with Cathedral

On the way home we took time to enjoy coffee at Jamaica Inn on the edge of the atmospheric Bodmin Moor, with which I have a special affinity, and spent a pleasant hour planning our next trip to Cornwall. Can’t wait.

5 responses to “Moon Over Pendennis

  1. It is so beautiful there! We only got to spend a few hours, but I could have wandered through the area for days. I didn’t know at the time how close it was to Bodmin Moor or I would have tried to see more, though that’s sometimes hard from a cruise ship. I’m so glad you had a good vacation there. Maybe there’s some more stories in the works inspired by that setting?

  2. I am so envious of how close you live to all these beautiful historic places. Go as much as you can. I have never ever regretted our travels. And, plan on more. Thanks for sharing I read it over morning coffee and enjoyed every word scene.

  3. Love the photos! and thanks for sharing your trip. I want so much to get to Cornwall and living vicariously through you helps whet my appetite. Seems like a read a book once called The Jamaica Inn. 🙂 Jillian

  4. Now what a lovely book title you have there: “Moon Over Pendennis” – particularly if said with a French accent 🙂 Seriously, your trip sounds fabulous. Wish I could get Dave away to explore our beautiful country. Your photos are fab too. The one of Truro and Cathedral reminds of a Spanish street view. Lovely. Looking forward to hearing about your next trip. 🙂

  5. Just reading over everyone’s posts and reread this one, lovely memories for me but also of you. Great photos and I agree – a new book awaits!

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